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Building Your Town

Minecolonies allows for you to build your very own Town, with your own citizens to command. Starting off with a small settlement and growing it into your very own kingdom. Will you be a friendly trade kingdom, or more hostile to others? Well, that's up to you.


The dungeons in AK2 have real loot you want. With unique items and collectables to be found. Unique bosses to take on and overcome. Every dungeon will offer a new challenge and experience. But what if all the dungeons are looted? Don't worry, you can head into the Dungeons world. This world is much like the overworld, however, the spawn rate of dungeons has been increased and the world will rest weekly. [This dungeon world wont be live at launch, but will arrive a few days later.]


For the creatives out there, we've crammed AK2 with decoration mods. Allowing you to build your base, kingdom, or town how you want it.