Journey Across The Void

45,222 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 1, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2




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Memory Requirements: 6Gb to 8GB, Maybe more if u have a powerful PC.


Note: Memory usage should go down when we move to 1.15


Modpack Developers: ModernGamingWorld, MasterSloth1, and Warbringer12 

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Journey Across The Void is a modpack filled to the walls with mods ranging from tech to magic to more. This is a quest style pack that comes with a ton of quests that are related to each mod or task needed to move forward within the pack, The quests were all design and put together by Mastersloth1 & Warbringer12.








Additional Credits:

The Feed The Beast Team for use of their mods in Curseforge packs