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Who am I

Hi, I'm Insane, I'm from Italy, and I'm a game dev and "gamer".

What's this pack

After watching Alan Becker SkyBlock video I decided I wanted to play SkyBlock but not vanilla one ... something more spicy.

Tips for players that play for first time play this modpack

  • The advancements will guide you through the pack.
  • Some Mods and Vanilla mechanics have been changed accordingly to enhance the experience with the pack.

Join the Public Server! IP:

The public server is now closed! Thanks for anyone who joined in the last 6 months. The world download is available on Discord!

Support me on Ko-Fi!


Mods List


Youtube Series!




Older / Unfinished / Abandoned Let's plays


v2.0 by Adam Goldberg!



Recommended mods

  • Optifine - Makes the game run smoothly (even if in the void and the game shouldn't lag at all), plus ZOOM
  • Recommend me other mods!

Optional Mods (Those mods are already configured but are not in the pack)

  • Headcrumbs


  • Low-Mid Spec Computer
  • About 2.5 Gb of Ram

Server Requirements

  • About 2.5 Gb of ram.