Description last updated - 8/10/18 
Announcement - Interaction is temporarily on hold. I am currently working with the FTB team for their next progression pack, and will be incorporating many of my ideas into their designs.

Do you want to traverse the trash dimension scavenging for rare experimental alien technology while resisting the blindness debuffs from its mobs, and taking cover from its poisonous acid rain? Do you want to be able to kill the Gaia Guardian II with no armor, using its head as a final centerpiece for your infusion altar? Do you want to make a floating reincarnation prison that traps the ender dragon upon revival, constantly harvesting its heart for your weapons and engines? Do you take sick pleasure in upgrading your hammers from chromaduraluminasteel into tungstiridiumanullyn alloy just so it breaks stone mili-ticks faster? Or maybe you just want to make a peaceful sky-farm, growing apples that doubles your strength and hitpoints, next to your diamond farm? It's all possible, but you got a long way to go.

Interaction is a progression based pack that is designed to force players to use their knowledge of mod interactions to handle buffed up mobs, environmental challenges, and complex automation challenges. Each Tier will require the player to build a Portal Fabricator multiblock, using a variety of technological, magical, and some downright weird methods, using it to construct portals to bring them to the next challenge. The packs total final expected playtime is to be 300 hours, which will vary widely depending on your knowledge of modded minecraft interactions.

Alpha Testers

All red sections will be removed when the pack exits Alpha Testing. The only reason this pack is on Curse at the moment is for ease of distribution for my first set of Alpha Testers. Currently progression up to Tier 3 has been scripted (6 Tiers total) for roughly about 110 hours of gameplay. If you are interested in helping with alpha testing, please go to the pack discord below and ask for a testing role from either DJJBanx or from Vyraal1.



This pack makes heavy use of Modular Machinery which lets a pack maker specific any set of blocks to be a multiblock machine. This allows me to create my own reactors, distillation towers, infusion altars, etc! However I am a average builder at best, and am looking for help with making a variety of multiblocks (specifically Portal fabricators, Distillation Towers, Blast Furnaces, etc.). if you are interested in helping and want to watch your multiblock machine builds come to life, please join the discord and let Vyraal1 know.

Content Creators
Currently the project is in no usable state for streamers or youtuber (sorry SystemCollapse) and I highly discourage use of it - you may get frequent crashes, or there still may be progression breaking bugs that are yet to be discovered. Even the dimensions to Tier 5/6 have not yet been fully implemented, and could easily require retrogenning of the Overworld.

We are no longer going with quests, instead pack progression and information will be communicated to the player via a combination of JEI descriptions, ingame tooltips, and Advancements.

The tech progression is heavily inspired from GregTech oriented packs such as GregTech New Horizons, and InfinTech. You will be building custom multiblocks from Modular Machines and making heavy use of various planned assembling machines that will greatly increase the output of your input materials. You will be handling machines that require over 10 different item inputs, with multiple fluid inputs, and specific energy requirements. Most importantly, if you don't meet the energy requirements, then recipe progress will reset - take your infrastructure seriously.

The magic progression is theoretically optional in this pack. You can do through all of the progression solely relying on technology mods - however if anything has been been described as a 'magic block', then chances are you will need to go heavily into the magic progression to get it. Ender Chests? Magically gated. Enchanted armor? Yep, magically gated. Wireless RF transfer? Seems magical to me. What about most automatic harvesters/farming blocks? Yep, looks magical enough. Remember though, you can theoretically beat the pack only using technology, if you like farming with vanilla piston breaking and water channels.


Tier Summary
Tier 1 - Void World
You start off in a void world, with access to no metals at all until Tier 2. Think of this stage as the beginning level in each Mario game, it's pretty hard to die here unless you really try. Build up, get yourself good food, and rudimentary level equipment. You might not like what's on the other side of the portal you make.

Tier 2 - Surface World
You finally made it to the surface world safely. But the mobs here seem stronger than in the Void World, and the air in the atmosphere disables your ability to regenerate with full saturation. You'll have to explore through alternate Abyssal dimensions, parts of the Twilight Forest (Fire Swamps have great sulfur mines, you just gotta deal with the locals and their Hydra first) to unlock the materials to construct the next tier portal that leads deeper into the planet.

Tier 3 - Cavern World

You finally made it deeper into the core of the planet, and ended up in a large cavenous underground. There seems to be a main large chamber, and hundreds, if not thousands of sprawling caves below you. The mobs here become harder some of them turning invisible when they get near you, or you see that they actually learned how to equip themselves with weapons and armor, but the resources and minerals here are more valuable. Also you start to notice ancient abandoned structures of a space faring civilization, you can't make anything of their technology yet, but maybe it will be useful later on.

Tier 4 - Nether (Worldgen WIP)
Delving deeper and deeper into the planet, you end up in a Hellish wasteland full of vibrant colors and even more dangerous mobs. Many of them easily have knockback, making melee combat difficult, however the minerals and resources here might provide the components you need for a variety of magical and technological advancements, flight being the one you are excited to experiment with the most.

Tier 5 - Lost City Wasteland (WIP)
WIP. Based on Lost Cities and custom structures, as well as Scavenging for Scrap bags.

Tier 6 - End (Worldgen WIP)


You can find the modpack devs either in the Minecraft Pack Dev (MPD) Discord or in the official server discord. Feel free to drop by to ask about the pack status or sign up as a tester.
Interaction Discord
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