Immerse yourself into the world of Adventure, Magic and Technology to take over the world. 

This modpack contains a wide variety of mods, from the Tech based mods like; Immersive Engineering, Railcraft and Applied Energistics, along with Magic based mods like; Botania, Blood Magic and Druidry, that allow you to delve deeply and fully immerse yourself to complete each mod. All in a Minecraft world that's had it's terrain generation altered to be more realistic to create, huge mountains, valleys and forests, all to give you the perfect space to fully 'Immerse' yourself into the world of Modded Minecraft. 

This is a project built by Stratzh & StickyPiston 

If you experience any bugs or suggestions for what could be added, leave them as a comment on this packs page on CurseForge or on Twitter @Stratzh

This pack is in early beta and will be updating with new features!