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Step into the world of iBallisticSquid's Boss Battles with our modpack, which includes all the mods featured in the series, and more!


With Twilight Forest, Tinkers Construct, Damage Indicators, Zan's Minimap, Portal Guns, iChunUtil, Hats, Back Tools, and Copious Dog Mod, you'll have all the tools and weapons you need to take on epic bosses and explore new dimensions.

Credit of course goes to iBallisticsquid and all featured in the series.

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Note: The Original Boss Battles Series is made in Minecraft Version 1.6.4. Later versions of this modpack may have different mods than the original.


  • Twilight Forest: Enter a new realm of magic and mystery with the Twilight Forest mod. This mod adds a new dimension filled with enchanted forests, giant castles, and dangerous creatures to explore.
  • Tinkers Construct: Create your own custom weapons and tools using Tinkers Construct. This mod offers an extensive selection of materials and modifiers that allow you to craft powerful items that suit your playstyle.
  • Damage Indicators: Keep track of the health of your enemies and allies with the Damage Indicators mod. This mod provides real-time information about the health and status of creatures and players, making battles more strategic and intense.
  • Zan's Minimap / Xaero's Minimap: Navigate your world with ease with Zan's Minimap. This mod adds a customizable mini-map to your screen, allowing you to mark points of interest and find your way around your world.
  • Portal Guns: Bend space and time with the Portal Guns mod. This mod adds the iconic portal gun from Portal, allowing you to create portals and travel to new places in an instant.
  • iChunUtil: This library mod provides a range of useful features and functions required by several mods in this modpack.
  • Hats: Express yourself with the Hats mod. This mod adds a variety of hats and accessories that you can wear, allowing you to customize your character's appearance.
  • Back Tools: Show off your gear with the Back Tools mod. This mod adds a visual effect that displays the tools and weapons you're carrying on your back, adding some flair to your character.
  • Copious Dog Mod: Add some loyal companions to your Minecraft world with the Copious Dog Mod. This mod adds a variety of new dog breeds with unique appearances and personalities to your world.


Key features of this modpack include new dimensions, tools, weapons, creatures, and companions. This modpack is for Forge version 1.6.4 and is perfect for anyone looking for an exciting adventure with new challenges and rewards. So, download iBallisticSquid's Boss Battles Modpack now and embark on an epic journey down memory lane!


I recommend using Optifine in addition to the mods here.





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