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FTB Revelation-1.12.2-1.3.0

Mod(s) Updated

  • Baubles by azanor (1.5.1 > 1.5.2)
    • Added the isBaubleEquipped helper method to BaublesAPI.
    • Fixed player bauble syncing.
  • BdLib by bdew ( > *
  • Binnie's Mods by Binnie567 ( >
    • Prevented HasTE from corrupting TE's of unrelated blocks if passed an incorrect position and log warning/throw error if it happens.
    • Partially reverted the check in HasTE - causes issues in e.g. blockBreak when the block is unset before the TE is removed. will only throw error if actually replacing another block's TE.
  • Chisel by tterrag ( >
    • Fixed an issue where certain storage blocks (iron, lapis, etc) did not have an oreDict name.
  • CoFH Core by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Compact Machines by Davenonymous (3.0.4-b182 > 3.0.5-b184)
    • Fixed a client crash when placing TEs near already set up Compact Machines with a Tunnel bound to the side the TE is placed on.
  • Draconic Evolution by brandon3055 ( >
    • Re-added "Toggle Flight" key binding.
    • Fixed an "entity path finding" crash related to placed items.
  • Exchangers by Jacky1356400 (2.6 > 2.6.2)
    • Added a Silk Touch mode config option, if Silk Touch mode is disabled, players may enchant the Exchangers with Silk Touch to achieve Silk Touching on Exchangers or Fortune to get additional drops.
    • Added a PlaceEvent for when Exchangers tries to replace blocks, allows other mods to cancel the event, which also fixes an issue with Faction Mod.
    • Added a special blocks list for internal use.
    • Added a config option to allow Unbreaking enchant reducing chance of using power for Powered Exchangers, currently tested and works on all MC versions, enabled by default.
    • Added a way to decrease range for Exchangers (by holding sneak and pressing the mode key).
    • Migrated over to use string block IDs instead of integers.
    • Rewritten lots of translation stuff.
    • Changed all the camelCase translation keys to be lowercase with underscores.
    • Completely implemented support for Holding and Unbreaking enchant.
    • Rewritten GUI and render overlay, hopefully should resolve a lot of OpenGL conflicts with different mods.
    • The render overlay now turns green when selecting a valid block and turns red when selecting an invalid block.
    • Did some internal code optimizations to greatly reduce redundancy.
    • Fixed a major problem with Exchangers not being able to replace blocks with metadata.
    • Fixed the MV Exchanger requiring Tier 3 core instead of Tier 2 in hard mode.
    • Fixed a rendering issue with Light Level Overlay Reloaded.
  • Forestry by SirSengir ( >
    • Added a damage option to hives based on config.
    • Added a dimension blacklist for Hive Generation.
    • Added a power config for the analyzer.
    • Made non hellish hives flammable.
    • Updated the config in apiculture.
    • Improved Database Recipe.
    • Moved the worktable into a separate module.
    • Fixed Client Tile Updates Depending On Apiculture Module.
    • Fixed hive flammability: Hives placed in the overworld burned whereas hives placed in the nether did not. Hopefully this works better.
    • Fixed Butterfly Model throwing a NullPointerException.
    • Fixed Crate registration only happening client side.
    • Fixed a crash when adding bee to BQM quest / chestloot.
    • Fixed a client crash with new version.
    • Fixed Crate Registration.
    • Fixed Tin cans / wax capsules not being able to pick up fluid blocks in world.
    • Fixed Backpacks not holding previously defined items.
    • Fixed the Squeezer being very "liberal" regarding oreDict in Recipes.
    • Added a dimension blacklist for hive generation.
  • Magic Bees by MysteriousAges (3.1.7 > 3.1.9)
    • Added TE mobtypes now that they are back in.
    • Added JEI info about where to find bee hives.
    • Added some postgen features to underground hives.
    • Made bee disabling & bee hiding in JEI configurable.
    • Set max frame stack size to 1, fixes frames with same durability being able to stack.
    • Decreased spawn rate of TE mobs.
    • Fixed botania flower models.
    • Fixed module effects loading after the bee is registered, resulting in NPE's.
    • Fixed Essence of Everlasting Durability recipe.
    • Fixed hive gen on nether roof.
    • Fixed different hive types stacking.
    • Fixed null taglines, resulting in NPE's when shift-hovering over BM-botania research.
    • Fixed NPE when certain bee were removed.
  • MalisisCore by Ordinastie (6.3.0 > 6.3.1)
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • MalisisDoors by Ordinastie (7.2.2 > 7.2.3)
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • MineTogether by Creeperhost (1.8.6 > 1.8.7)
    • Changed the default key combination to Ctrl+M to avoid a reported conflict with JEI.
    • Fixed localisation on friends list key bind.
  • Natura by mDiyo ( >
    • BlockLeavesBase now extends BlockLeaves.
    • Sagurao's should generate more often now.
    • Fixed: Imps should now spawn in any biome that is listed as "hell".
    • Fixed: Leaves should now render correctly.
  • Pam's HarvestCraft by MatrexsVigil (1.12.2b > 1.12.2g)
    • Added new Items:
      • Candied Pecans
      • Enchilada
      • Stuffing
      • Green Bean Casserole
      • Ham and Pineapple Pizza
      • Sauced Lamb Kebab
      • Cobblestone Cobbler
      • Crayfish Salad
      • Ceviche
      • Deluxe Nachoes
      • Baked Cactus
      • Garlic Steak
      • Mushroom Steak
      • Hot Dish Casserole
      • Sausage Bean Melt
      • Mettbrötchen
    • Added a new config, cropGrowthSpeed (Default: 0.0): This number is added/subtracted from normal fertile crop growth (3.0) and adjacent fertile crop growth (4.0)
    • Added a new config, fruitGrowthSpeed (Default: 25): lower is faster.
    • Added new Presser recipes:
      • Minecraft Pumpkin Seeds to Cooking Oil, Grain Bait.
      • Harvest Apple to Apple Juice, Fruit Bait.
      • Harvest Carrot to Carrot Juice, Veggie Bait.
      • Raspberry to Raspberry Juice, Fruit Bait.
    • Added new recipes:
      • Added Flour recipes for cropAlmondcropCoconutcropChestnutlistAllwheatcropBeancropBananacropPeascropSoybean.
      • Added Cooking Oil recipes for cropAvocadolistAllseed(2:2 ratio), cropTea.
      • Added Roasted Root Veggie Medley recipes for cropRutabagacropBeetcropRhubarb.
      • Added Spicy Greens Recipe for cropSpinachcropAsparagus.
      • Added a Fresh Milk recipe alternative (toolJuicercropAlmond).
    • Added a Spider Web 'fruit' tree, that grows in temperate areas with spider web 'fruits' that drop string when mature and right-clicked (sapling crafted with any sapling and three string). You can disable this in the config with spiderwebtreeGeneration.
    • Removed a recipe: Plain Yogurt + listAllmilk = 2 Plain Yogurt.
    • Removed some Presser recipes:
      • Grape to Cooking Oil.
      • Coconut to Cooking Oil.
      • Pumpkin Seeds to Cooking Oil.
    • Removed useless config options (bait amounts, fresh water amounts, salt amounts, etc). To change the amount a recipe gives you, open the recipe JSON in the JAR file in a text editor and change the count amount.
    • Beehives can now be sheared.
    • Changed a Presser recipe: Coconut now gets pressed to Coconut Milk and Grain Bait.
    • Changed some recipes:
      • Spring Salad now requires toolCuttingboardcropLettucelistAllveggie(instead of having a dozen specific recipes).
      • Veggie Stir Fry now requires listAllmushroom or listAllvegie instead of specific recipes.
      • Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, Pistachio Butter, Chestnut Butter now use toolMortarandpestle.
      • Removed double cropSpiceleaf Salad Dressing Recipe (not intended).
    • All recipes with alternate versions have now been re-named foodname_alternate item (example: friesitem_foodSaltfriesitem_dustSaltfriesitem_itemSalt, etc).
    • The Presser can now be automated! Input slot is accessed from top, sides while both Output slots are accessed from the bottom. Tested with hoppers!
    • Fixed several names: "Three Bean Casserole", "Grapefruit Juice", "Raw Duck" and "Cooked Duck".
    • Fixed editing of WorldGen main thread.
    • Fixed: Gardens now break instantly again when punched.
    • Fixed: Peking Duck finally has its own recipe, allowing you to finally make it and Stuffed Duck.
    • Fixed: Green Bean Casserole now has a recipe.
    • Fixed: Fixed recipe grouping.
    • Fixed: Soft Pretzels now require listAllwater as well.
    • Fixed: Tofacon now accepts itemSaltdustSalt, and foodSalt OreDictionary'd salts.
    • Fixed: Roasted Chestnut, Popcorn, Raisins, Tea, Coffee, Ricecake, Grilled Asparagus, Baked Sweet Potato now use correct cropX Ore Dictionary listings.
    • Fixed: All honey recipes now use foodHoneydrop and dropHoney (from Forestry) for all recipes.
    • Fixed: Plain Yogurt x4 can also be made by putting Plain Yogurt + Leather in crafting grid.
    • Fixed: Red Velvet Cake now requires foodCocoapowder in place of one of the dyes.
    • Fixed: Beehives now break when nothing is above them, dropping the Queen Bee.
    • Fixed: Fruit blocks now break with nothing is above them, if mature will drop 2 fruits (to make up for losing a renewable resource block).
    • Fixed: Grilled Mushroom's recipe now uses cropWhitemushroom instead of harvestcraft:whitemushroomitem.
    • Fixed: Sweet and Sour Sauce's recipe now uses foodHoneydrop and dropHoney instead of harvestcraft:honeyitem.
    • Fixed: All salt recipes should have three versions for dustSaltfoodSalt, and itemSaltOre Dictionary.
    • Fixed: Fruit logs (maple, cinnamon, paperbark) should now convert to planks correctly.
    • Fixed: Fixed recipes for making and unmaking Honey Block, Pressed Wax Block, Honeycomb Block, Waxcomb Block.
    • Fixed: Recipes to make Pressed Wax with cropCandle (toolPot, 1:1, toolPot, 8:8)
    • Fixed: Toasted Coconut's recipe now uses cropCoconut correctly.
    • Fixed some issues with Hunger Overhaul interacting with HarvestCraft.
  • Quark by Vazkii (r1.4-120 > r1.4-121)
    • Changes related to the API:
      • Added a way for IDropoffManager implementations to provide their own IItemHandler.
      • Increased API version to 2.
    • Automation: Fixed pistons not updating the amount of players viewing a chest's interface, leaving it to be open if it's moved while a player is looking at it.
    • General: Quark will no longer break Random Things' dyeing machine.
    • Management: Fixed the extract and restock buttons being dependant on Dropoff being enabled instead of Chest Buttons.
    • Tweaks: Added a config setting to Automatic Recipe Unlock to disable the recipe book entirely.
    • World: Fixed a crash if a type of world stone is enabled but the rarity set to 0.
  • Redstone Arsenal by TeamCoFH ( >
    • The Quiver can now be disabled.
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Steve's Carts Reborn by modmuss50 ( >
    • Fixed a NullPointerException in PacketFluidSync.
    • A lot of system changes.
  • Thermal Cultivation by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Added a new Machine: the Sequential Fabricator (It's an autocrafter!)
    • Added new Augments:
      • Pattern Validation - Enables intelligent auto-input on the Sequential Fabricator.
      • Fluidic Fabrication - Adds an internal fluid tank to the Sequential Fabricator.
      • Enstabulation Apparatus - Allows for the Centrifuge to "process" Morbs.
    • Added new machine process recipes.
    • Added Plugin Support for Ice and Fire.
    • All blocks can now be filled/drained by hand, even the Fluid Transposer. Some machines may need to be OFF to allow for fluid to be drained.
    • Cache behavior has been changed internally, for better crossmod compatibility.
    • Comparator behavior has been improved for the Cell, Tank, and Cache.
    • Many recipes have been rebalanced. In general, dynamos and augments are all slightly cheaper.
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH ( >
    • The Tome of Insight now accepts "Essence" and converts it to experience.
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • ThutCore by Thutmose (5.14.3 > 5.15.2)
    • Overhauled the animation API.
    • Fixed some issues with teleporting to non-existant dimensions.
    • Fixed some issues with limb based animations in the animation API.
  • Thut's Elevators by Thutmose (6.0.11 > 6.0.12)
    • Added an experimental hackyRender option which "fixes" the invisible elevator issue when it is on a sub-chunk boundary. This is false by default, set to true if you wish to use it in thuttech.cfg, and may cause undue frame drops if too many large elevators are used at once.
  • Tinkers Construct by mDiyo ( >
    • The Seared Channel Recipe gives 3 per craft now.
    • Tools can be renamed anytime again!
    • Gasses now render upside down.
    • TiC Slime Blocks now work with pistons.
    • Fixed the last vanilla-type arrow in a player's inventory not being fired with TiC bows.
    • Crafting stations now ignore each others inventories, preventing freezes.
    • On-Hurt Traits (cactus) no longer deal damage when you're receiving reflected damage anymore (guardians/other cactus users), preventing a crash.
    • Removed impossible to craft casting recipes that showed up in JEI.
    • Fixed Magma Slime Islands cascading worldgen.
    • Fixed Slime Boots causing fall damage on land depending on where you originally started (you take less damage now too). The same has been done for congealed slime blocks.
  • XNet by MCJty (1.6.4 > 1.6.7)
    • Fixed another division by zero.
    • Fixed a problem with advanced connectors still being limited to 1000mb instead of 5000mb for liquids.
    • Made some changes to the IConnectable API.
    • Bugfix related with setting integer values in GUIs.
    • Fixed double tooltips in the GUI of the controller.

Configuration Changes

  • Thermal Expansion
    • Disabled the Aqueous Accumulator acting as an infinite source of water, and it working in the nether.

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