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FTB Revelation-1.12.2-1.1.0

Mod(s) Updated

  • Advanced Rocketry by zmaster587 (1.2.6-37 > 1.2.6-40)
    • Set a minimal battery size of 1.
    • Warp times now vary between planets.
    • Fixed a Chemical Reactor crash, related to Mining Rockets stopping at Build Limit instead of returning.
    • Fixed the Microwave Receiver Producing 0 rf/t.
    • Fixed an issue with teleporting and getting stuck in the ground, happening in vanilla dimensions and low gravity dimensions.
    • Fixed the space elevator failing to update the client.
  • B.A.S.E by lanse505 (3.4.2 > 3.5.0)
    • Added to the Material System:
      • Minecart Part/Part Type
      • Clump Part
      • Shard Part
      • Dirty Dust Part
    • Fixes for the Material System:
      • Armor is now Colored Properly.
      • Particles should now show as well.
      • Implemented prettier Ore colouring.
      • New Additional Ore Dict Tags for Rods (stick/partToolRod).
      • New Additional Ore Dict Tags for Dense Plates (plateDense).
  • Binnie's Mods by Binnie567 ( >
    • Remove oreDict "gearWood" for scented and proven gears.
    • Fixed various issues with the brewery.
    • The mod now validates ItemFieldKit to avoid metadata manipulations with items.
  • Bookshelf by Darkhax (2.3.512 > 2.3.515)
    • Fixed biome change util using dirty scala arrays. Ew.
    • Added a reusable basic 16x16x16 layered json model.
    • Undid the changes to real player checks.
  • Brandon's Core by brandon3055 ( >
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • CoFH Core by TeamCoFH ( >
    • The /killall command no longer kills Item Frame Entities when "item" or "items" is provided as a parameter.
    • Did some backend work to support AOE Block Breaking and Filters.
  • CoFH World by TeamCoFH ( >
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 (4.0.10 > 4.0.12)
    • Added recipe name to /ct recipes handAdded pow for Math.pow.
    • Made transformerRecipes public.
    • Improved performance of ActionRemoveRecipesNoIngredients.
    • Entity API refactor.
    • Global variables and Brewing Recipe Addition.
    • added recipe name to /ct recipes hand.
    • Changed how Globals work and DataMaps addition/substraction.
    • Added owner to get the modid of the mod that adds the item.
    • Made the recipenames command it's own command and actually work.
    • Test Project, string functions and array addition.
    • ZenNativeCasters and Better ArrayAdd.
    • Fixed oreDict removal.
    • Fixed oreDict issues.
  • Deep Resonance by McJty (1.5.0 > 1.6.0)
    • Fixed the overworld variant of Resonating Ore appearing twice in the creative inventory.
    • Added obsidian to the recipe of the tank, to avoid people (ab)using them as cheap liquid conduits.
    • Fixed a problem with the resonating plate recipe being broken.
    • Fixed an OC dependency.
  • Default Options by BlayTheNinth (9.2.4 > 9.2.5)
    • Fixed JourneyMap compatibility.
  • Draconic Evolution by brandon3055 ( >
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • Environmental Tech by ValkyrieofNight (2.0.6a > 2.0.6b)
    • Added Crystal Lens for all the Tier Crystals.
    • Added next tier block requirements for the Assembler left click functionality.
  • Extra Utilities 2 by RWTema (1.7.1 > 1.7.2)
    • Reduced efficiency loss in generators.
    • Improved the overlay to show GP before and after efficiency loss.
  • ExtraCells2 by Destroyer7128 (2.5.9a45 > 2.5.10a47)
    • Fixed a network issue in newer forge versions.
  • Flux Networks by Ollie_Lansdell (3.0.1 > 3.0.2)
    • Flux will now be dropped from Redstone Ore randomly (can be configured in config).
    • Added a config to disable Redstone being turned to Flux when thrown in fire.
    • Added the Admin Configurator; currently only allows admins to view all networks on the server, but will allow them to change settings/delete networks/see which are taking the longest to update eventually.
    • Fixed major freezing/crashing when creating a network in a new world.
    • Fixed issues with networks not saving.
    • Fixed Flux Networks not sending energy into Draconic Evolution Energy Pylons when Integer limit (2.14 billion) is reached.
    • Fixed Flux Networks not transferring into TD Cables.
    • Fixes AE2 Redstone dupe glitch (when dropping into fire is enabled), will cause "Fetching addPacket for removed entity" warnings.
    • Fixed Redstone Blocks and Ender Eyes + Fire making shortcut, it was fun while it lasted...
  • Forestry by SirSengir ( >
    • Fixed "Invalid property value detected" error logs from Buildcraft.
  • Industrial Foregoing by Buuz135 (1.6.3-107 > 1.6.4-111)
    • Added the range of the machines in the tooltip.
    • Added chorus support for the Plant Gatherer.
    • Added config option to not show Book entries in JEI.
    • Added config options to disable machines from the game.
    • Changed all the machines that had a 5x5 radius and didn't accept Range addons to a 7x7.
    • Improved tooltips, the Plant Gatherer now shows what it can gather.
    • Improved leaf breaking so it doesn't drop items on the floor, hopefully.
    • More safe fluid crafting for the Fluid Crafter and making the tank fluid the default fluid for the recipe.
    • Fixed the Item Splitter only pushing the first slot.
    • Fixed Forestry Saplings not being planted with the Plant Sower.
  • LibVulpes by zmaster587 (0.2.7-21 > 0.2.7-23)
    • Added curseforge and changelog tasks.
    • Fixed Pipes not pulling from output hatches in Advanced Rocketry.
    • Updated the artefact location for git.
    • Fixed itemHandler, stopping a crash from happening due to new libvulpes version not being compatible with latest Advanced Rocketry version.
    • Added getters for outputs.
    • Fixed some multiblocks getting invalidated by snow in Advanced Rocketry.
    • Fixed a crash in Advanced Rocketry when placing a Solar Panel.
    • Fixed a crash in Advanced Rocketry caused when using a Space Station Segment with a Space Elevator on top of it.
    • Fixed the Jetpack toggle key not working on dedicated servers.
  • McJtyLib by McJty (2.5.0 > 2.6.1)
    • Big refactoring and cleanup of a lot of code. Pulled code out of various related mods for better code reuse.
    • Fixed a server side crash.
  • Nature's Compass by Chaosyr (1.5.0 > 1.5.1)
    • Added a config field to disable teleportation to a located biome.
  • xNICEx by McJty (0.1.0 > 0.2.0)
    • Updated to support the latest version of McJtyLib (the one included in this update).
  • NotEnoughWands by romelo333 (1.5.9 > 1.6.0)
    • Updated to support the latest version of McJtyLib (the one included in this update).
  • Pam's HarvestCraft by MatrexsVigil (1.12.2a > 1.12.2b)
    • Added a new config, topTierFood (Default: 10):
      • This new config option defines which foods are considered top tier.
      • Choose between 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 for minimum number of shanks a food restores that become top tier. Set to 0 to have no top tier foods.
      • Warning: Top Tier foods can ALWAYS BE EATEN so be careful you don't waste them.
      • Example: If you pick 5, any food that restores 5 or more shanks become top tier and give buffs.
    • Top Tier Foods (those who meet the topTierFood threshold) now give multiple buffs upon eating. All foods defined as top tier give the same buffs to allow diet variety. Buffs given are Strength and Resistance.
    • Added a new config, buffTimeForTopTier (Default: 3600):
      • This new config determines how long top tier food buffs last. 3600 is equal to 3 minutes.
    • Added a Spanish (Spain) translation.
    • Every food in HarvestCraft has been rebalanced against the new vanilla Minecraft food restore numbers. This 1200+ item change cannot be turned off in the config.
    • Changed some recipes:
      • Toast: toolBakeware + bread + foodButter
      • Lemonaide: toolJuicer + cropLemon + listAllsugar
      • Toast Sandwich: foodToast + foodToast + foodBlackpepper
      • Plain Yogurt: toolPot + listAllmilk
      • Grilled Asparagus: toolSkillet + cropAsparagus
      • Grilled Eggplant: toolSkillet + cropEggplant
      • Grilled Mushroom: toolSkillet + listAllmushroom
      • Stuffed Eggplant: toolBakeware + cropEggplant + cropGarlic + cropBellpepperfoodButter + listAllegg
      • Pasta x5: toolMixingbowl + foodDough + foodButter
      • Noodles x3: toolCuttingboard + foodDough
      • Paneer x5: toolPot + listAllmilk + foodVinegar + foodLemonaide
      • Chocolate Bar x4: toolSaucepan + foodCocoapowder + foodButter + listAllmilk
      • Hot Sauce x6: toolPot + listAllwater + foodVinegar + cropChilipepper + cropGarlic + foodSalt
      • Hoisin Sauce x9: toolSaucepan + cropSweetpotato + listAllwater + listAllsugar + cropSoybean + cropSesame + foodVinegar + cropGarlic + cropChilipepper
      • Trail Mix: listAllseed/cropSunflower/foodRoastedsunflowerseeds/listAllnutfoodRaisins + foodChocolatebar
      • Raw Tofeak x6: toolCuttingboard + foodFirmtofu + listAllmushroom + foodSoysauce + foodBlackpepper + foodOliveoil
      • Raw Tofenison x7: toolCuttingboard + foodFirmtofu + foodFlour + foodOliveoil + listAllnut + foodSoysauce + listAllmushroom
    • Fixed: Sodas should now give 30 seconds of speed buff instead of 3 seconds.
  • Placebo by Shadows_Of_Fire (1.0.0 > 1.1.3)
    • Actually has code now.
    • Added forge-based recipe methods to RecipeHelper in preparation for the Foundry release.
    • Applied some improvements to BlockBasic.
    • Added files needed for Toast Control 1.3.0 to work properly.
  • RebornCore by modmuss50 ( >
    • Rewrote to use the correct way of logging.
  • Redstone Arsenal by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Tools with AOE Breaking (Hammer, Shovel, Pickaxe) now display breaking effects on every block.
    • Empowering the Flux-Infused Bow now correctly increases arrow damage and velocity.
    • Enchants are now more consistent with respect to vanilla tool types.
  • RFTools by McJty (7.15 > 7.21)
    • Added a recipe for the shape manual and fixed recipe for block protector.
    • Removed some log spam.
    • Implemented config options to allow disabling some subsystems in RFTools: security system, block protector, network monitor, crafter, coal generator, amongst others.
    • Fixed dimensional ore registration with the three types. This fixes the nether and end variants of dimensional shard ore dropping as the overworld variant when silk touched.
    • Fixed a bug where the block protector didn't properly save and restore redstone mode.
    • Fixed a syringe bug in creative.
    • Countless other small changes and fixes.
  • RFTools Control by McJty (1.7.0 > 1.8.0)
    • Updated to support the latest version of McJtyLib.
  • Sonar Core by Ollie_Lansdell (5.0.3 > 5.0.4)
    • Fixed Energy Transfer Issues for Flux Networks.
  • Steve's Carts Reborn by modmuss50 ( >
    • Updated forestry to allow game to start.
    • Update mappings.
    • Fixed some issues with tanks and capabilities.
    • Fixed a grammar mistake in the console log.
    • Fixed some broken localization.
  • Thermal Cultivation by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Made some backend refactors.
    • Improved Fake Player detection logic on the Watering Can.
  • Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Cover recipes are now hidden from the Crafting Book.
    • Leadstone and Cryo Ducts now properly connect.
    • Applied some corner case fixes for cover render crashes.
  • Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Added new Augments:
      • Gearworking Die - Allows the Compactor to create Gears from 4 Ingots.
      • Parabolic Flux Coupling - Converts the Energetic Infuser into a wireless charger. Only Flux Capacitors will be charged. This is very intentional.
      • Disjunctive Extraction - Allows the Enervation Dynamo to destroy enchanted items for RF.
    • Added new Items:
      • Reservoir - It's a multi-bucket fluid "capacitor" of sorts.
    • Removed both Substrate and Stratum augments.
    • Satchels now have filtering, auto-pickup, and inventory transfer.
    • Device recipes have been changed - more Iron, less Tin overall.
    • Fluid Transposer behavior has been adjusted to accommodate partial fills/drains.
    • Igneous Extruder and Glacial Precipitator have been rewritten and have new GUIs and backends.
    • Charger and Transposer should no longer have "orphan" processes in some cases.
  • Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH ( >
    • Tools with AOE Breaking (Hammers) now display breaking effects on every block.
    • Hardened Glass is now Wither-proof.
    • The Horse Armor recipes have been adjusted.
    • More Phyto-Gro is now produced using charcoal.
    • The Tome of Insight now takes/gives all XP at once, to correct for bad vanilla logic.
    • Corrected some colors on bow sprites.
    • Enchants are more consistent now with respect to vanilla tool types.
  • ThutCore by Thutmose (5.13.0.c > 5.13.2)
    • Made some improvements to the animation API, now properly supports merging animations of differing lengths.
    • Applied more fixes for animation merging in the animation API.
  • UniDict by WanionCane (1.8 > 1.9b)
    • Important: Due to Tinker's Construct changes, UniDict needs to override the setting "S:orePreference" from tconstruct.cfg in order to make the "Indirect Integration" to work, this is likely to be temporary.
    • Added an option to turn the Kind Blacklists in Whitelists.
    • There are several other improvements on the source code, like resource gathering.
    • Fixed: Keep One Entry Blacksets/Whitesets.
  • ValkyrieLib by ValkyrieofNight (2.0.6a > 2.0.6b)
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • Waystones by BlayTheNinth (4.0.17 > 4.0.20)
    • Added "Current Location" text to waystone screen when accessed via right-clicking a waystone.
    • Disabled current waystone button in waystone screen when accessed via right-clicking a waystone.
    • Fixed village waystone generation being completely broken.
    • Fixed cooldown issues when computer times of client and server don't match.
    • Fixed the config GUI not saving changes.
  • Whoosh by ImbaKnugel (0.1.4 > 0.1.5)
    • Updated to latest CoFH Core & TF.
    • Blinking now gives the player momentum when not going through blocks.
  • XNet by MCJty (1.5.0 > 1.6.0)
    • Updated to support the latest version of McJtyLib (the one included in this update).

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