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Filename FTBPresentsDirewolf20112-1.6.0-1.12.2.zip
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Uploaded Jan 12, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12-1.12.2-1.6.0

Mod updates w/ a tweak here and there fixing some remaining issues.

Mod(s) Updated

  • Minecraft Forge by ForgeDevTeam - ( >
    • Fixed dimension data not being saved.
    • Fixed dormant chunk cache allowing entity data to be overwritten.
  • Baubles by azanor - (1.5.1 > 1.5.2)
    • Added isBaubleEquipped helper method to BaublesAPI.
    • Fixed player bauble syncing.
  • BdLib by bdew - ( >
    • Prevented HasTE from corrupting TE's of unrelated blocks if passed an incorrect position and log warning/throw error if it happens.
    • Partially reverted the check in HasTE - causes issues in e.g. blockBreak when the block is unset before the TE is removed. will only throw error if actually replacing another block's TE.
  • CoFH Core by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Exchangers by Jacky1356400 - (2.6.1. > 2.6.2)
    • Fixed MV Exchanger requiring Tier 3 core instead of Tier 2 in hard mode.
    • Completely implemented support for Holding and Unbreaking enchant.
    • Fixed rendering issue with Light Level Overlay Reloaded.
    • Rewritten GUI and render overlay, hopefully should resolve a lot of OpenGL conflicts with different mods.
    • Render overlay now turns green when selecting a valid block and turns red when selecting an invalid block.
    • Minor changes and code cleanups.
  • Forestry by SirSengir - ( >
    • Added a dimension blacklist for hive generation.
  • Pam's HarvestCraft by MatrexsVigil - (1.12.2c > 1.12.2h)
    • Added a new config, cropGrowthSpeed (Default: 0.0): This number is added/subtracted from normal fertile crop growth (3.0) and adjacent fertile crop growth (4.0)
    • Added a new config, fruitGrowthSpeed (Default: 25): lower is faster.
    • Added new Presser recipes:
      • Minecraft Pumpkin Seeds to Cooking Oil, Grain Bait.
      • Harvest Apple to Apple Juice, Fruit Bait.
      • Harvest Carrot to Carrot Juice, Veggie Bait.
      • Raspberry to Raspberry Juice, Fruit Bait.
    • Added new recipes:
      • Added Flour recipes for cropAlmondcropCoconutcropChestnutlistAllwheatcropBeancropBananacropPeascropSoybean.
      • Added Cooking Oil recipes for cropAvocadolistAllseed(2:2 ratio), cropTea.
      • Added Roasted Root Veggie Medley recipes for cropRutabagacropBeetcropRhubarb.
      • Added Spicy Greens Recipe for cropSpinachcropAsparagus.
      • Added a Fresh Milk recipe alternative (toolJuicercropAlmond).
    • Added a Spider Web 'fruit' tree, that grows in temperate areas with spider web 'fruits' that drop string when mature and right-clicked (sapling crafted with any sapling and three string). You can disable this in the config with spiderwebtreeGeneration.
    • Added a new config, queenbeelastresultequalsQueen (Default: true): Determines if a queen bee's last result will be another queen bee or a random item (grub, waxcomb, or honey comb).
    • Added a new config, enablebeegrubaslistAllmeat (Default: true): Adds grubitem and cookedgrubitem to the listAllmeatraw and listAllmeatcooked OreDictionary to be used in food recipes.
    • Added a new item, Cooked Grub (Recipe: toolBakeware, grubitem).
    • Removed a recipe: Plain Yogurt + listAllmilk = 2 Plain Yogurt.
    • Removed some Presser recipes:
      • Grape to Cooking Oil.
      • Coconut to Cooking Oil.
      • Pumpkin Seeds to Cooking Oil.
    • Removed useless config options (bait amounts, fresh water amounts, salt amounts, etc). To change the amount a recipe gives you, open the recipe JSON in the JAR file in a text editor and change the count amount.
    • Beehives can now be sheared.
    • Changed a Presser recipe: Coconut now gets pressed to Coconut Milk and Grain Bait.
    • Changed some recipes:
      • Spring Salad now requires toolCuttingboardcropLettucelistAllveggie (instead of having a dozen specific recipes).
      • Veggie Stir Fry now requires listAllmushroom or listAllvegie instead of specific recipes.
      • Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Cashew Butter, Pistachio Butter, Chestnut Butter now use toolMortarandpestle.
      • Removed double cropSpiceleaf Salad Dressing Recipe (not intended).
    • All recipes with alternate versions have now been re-named foodname_alternate item (example: friesitem_foodSaltfriesitem_dustSaltfriesitem_itemSalt, etc).
    • The Presser and the Apiary can now be automated! Input slot is accessed from top, sides while both Output slots are accessed from the bottom. Tested with hoppers!
    • Fixed several names: "Three Bean Casserole", "Grapefruit Juice", "Raw Duck" and "Cooked Duck".
    • Fixed editing of WorldGen main thread.
    • Fixed: Gardens now break instantly again when punched.
    • Fixed: Peking Duck finally has its own recipe, allowing you to finally make it and Stuffed Duck.
    • Fixed: Green Bean Casserole now has a recipe.
    • Fixed: Fixed recipe grouping.
    • Fixed: Soft Pretzels now require listAllwater as well.
    • Fixed: Tofacon now accepts itemSaltdustSalt, and foodSalt OreDictionary'd salts.
    • Fixed: Roasted Chestnut, Popcorn, Raisins, Tea, Coffee, Ricecake, Grilled Asparagus, Baked Sweet Potato now use correct cropX Ore Dictionary listings.
    • Fixed: All honey recipes now use foodHoneydrop and dropHoney (from Forestry) for all recipes.
    • Fixed: Plain Yogurt x4 can also be made by putting Plain Yogurt + Leather in crafting grid.
    • Fixed: Red Velvet Cake now requires foodCocoapowder in place of one of the dyes.
    • Fixed: Beehives now break when nothing is above them, dropping the Queen Bee.
    • Fixed: Fruit blocks now break with nothing is above them, if mature will drop 2 fruits (to make up for losing a renewable resource block).
    • Fixed: Grilled Mushroom's recipe now uses cropWhitemushroom instead of harvestcraft:whitemushroomitem.
    • Fixed: Sweet and Sour Sauce's recipe now uses foodHoneydrop and dropHoney instead of harvestcraft:honeyitem.
    • Fixed: All salt recipes should have three versions for dustSaltfoodSalt, and itemSalt Ore Dictionary.
    • Fixed: Fruit logs (maple, cinnamon, paperbark) should now convert to planks correctly.
    • Fixed: Fixed recipes for making and unmaking Honey Block, Pressed Wax Block, Honeycomb Block, Waxcomb Block.
    • Fixed: Recipes to make Pressed Wax with cropCandle (toolPot, 1:1, toolPot, 8:8)
    • Fixed: Toasted Coconut's recipe now uses cropCoconut correctly.
    • Fixed some issues with Hunger Overhaul interacting with HarvestCraft.
    • Fixed: Apple fruit block should now drop the correct apple item.
  • Reborn Core by modmuss50 - ( >
    • Localized some strings, so they can be translated.
    • Fixed kicking other players when configuring machine slots.
  • Redstone Arsenal by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • The Quiver can now be disabled.
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Thermal Cultivation by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • Added a new Machine: the Sequential Fabricator (It's an autocrafter!)
    • Added new Augments:
      • Pattern Validation - Enables intelligent auto-input on the Sequential Fabricator.
      • Fluidic Fabrication - Adds an internal fluid tank to the Sequential Fabricator.
      • Enstabulation Apparatus - Allows for the Centrifuge to "process" Morbs.
    • Added new machine process recipes.
    • Added Plugin Support for Ice and Fire.
    • All blocks can now be filled/drained by hand, even the Fluid Transposer. Some machines may need to be OFF to allow for fluid to be drained.
    • Cache behavior has been changed internally, for better crossmod compatibility.
    • Comparator behavior has been improved for the Cell, Tank, and Cache.
    • Many recipes have been rebalanced. In general, dynamos and augments are all slightly cheaper.
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH - ( >
    • The Tome of Insight now accepts "Essence" and converts it to experience.
    • Did some internal refactors and optimizations.
  • Tinkers Construct by mDiyo - ( >
    • The Seared Channel Recipe gives 3 per craft now.
    • Tools can be renamed anytime again!
    • Gasses now render upside down.
    • TiC Slime Blocks now work with pistons.
    • Fixed the last vanilla-type arrow in a player's inventory not being fired with TiC bows.
    • Crafting stations now ignore each others inventories, preventing freezes.
    • On-Hurt Traits (cactus) no longer deal damage when you're receiving reflected damage anymore (guardians/other cactus users), preventing a crash.
    • Removed impossible to craft casting recipes that showed up in JEI.
    • Fixed Magma Slime Islands cascading worldgen.
    • Fixed Slime Boots causing fall damage on land depending on where you originally started (you take less damage now too). The same has been done for congealed slime blocks.
  • TipTheScales by jaredlll08 - (1.0.0 > 1.0.1)
    • The mod will now disable itself if optifine is also installed.

Configuration Changes

  • Mouse Tweaks
    • Set WheelTweak to 0. This prevents weird scrolling problems where Item Scroller and Mouse Tweaks conflict

Recipe Changes

  • Re-enabled the Bag of Holding from Extra Utilities. Be warned, sorting doesn't work with it and it's a little weird still.

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