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FTB Infinity Lite 1.10-1.10.2-1.8.0

Big update, with tons of fixes! As for new content, main ones come from Chisel's update, Draconic Evolution's Reactor coming back, Immersive Engineering's self-defense additions and FTBUtilities/Lib's Teams&Ranks GUIs.

Mod(s) Updated

  • Aroma1997Core by Aroma1997 ( >
    • General bugfixes.
  • BdLib by bdew ( >
    • Fixed crash in CapabilityProvider when something tries to access caps.
    • Fixed dupe bug caused by containers staying open after the block they belong to was destroyed.
  • Better Builder's Wands by Portablejim ( >
    • Special Botania support has been disabled, as it is broken and leads to a dupe bug.
    • Fixed: /wandOops should be less genererous. Whilst charity is usually good, people don't usually like excessive charity.
  • Blood Magic by WayofTime (2.1.4-73 > 2.1.9-78)
    • Placer Ritual is now much more performant.
    • Many recipes have been moved over to support the Ore Dictionary.
    • Blood Magic commands (/bloodmagic) can now be used in Command Blocks.
    • Re-implemented the Soul Fray debuff on death. No more exploiting sacrifice by killing yourself over and over (again).
    • Fixed JEI compat for Alchemy Table recipes.
    • Fixed (yet another) crash when creating an "invalid" stack of the Blood Tank.
    • Fixed Demon Will Crystal and Teleposer crashy interaction.
    • Fixed crash when working with toggleable sigils.
    • Fixed JEI not displaying Armor Tomes.
    • Fixed Body Builder level 4 being 5x more expensive than level 5.
    • Fixed the Seer's Sigil not using Roman Numerals to display the altar tier.
    • Fixed a crash when activing Bound Tools.
  • Bookshelf by Darkhax ( >
  • Botania by Vazkii (r1.9-340 > r1.9-341)
    • Removed lexicon references to blocks that have been removed or moved to quark.
    • Fixed a crash when placing pistons with a arannuncarpus.
    • Fixed a crash with the orechid when an ore is registered to the ore dictionary that isn't a block.
    • Fixed AoE mining not firing break events and not dropping xp.
    • Fixed body and leg armor stats being swapped.
    • Fixed crashes with the drum of the gathering and the mod's shears.
    • Fixed the botania banner lexicon entry still requiring EtFuturum.
    • Fixed the crystal bow not using mana.
    • Fixed the gaia guardian not looking like the player in dedicated servers.
    • Fixed the horn of the wild, bore lens, and rod of the shifting crust manually dropping block drops and not allowing for block rollbacks.
    • Fixed the marimorphosis running clientside and desyncing.
    • Fixed the soulscribe not dealing extra damage.
    • Fixed the spectator not highlighting all relevant inventories.
  • Brandon's Core by brandon3055 ( >
    • Some work on the GUI code.
    • Fixed a bug in some of the energy handling code.
    • Added Inventory capability to base inventory tile.
    • "Misc Changes."
    • Updated dependencies.
  • Chest Transporter by CubeX2 (2.5.7 > 2.5.12)
    • Added support for BiblioCraft chests.
    • Added support for storage crates from Actually Additions.
    • Added an API.
    • When transporting a spawner, the name of the mob is now in the tool tip.
    • Fixed a crash when the tools creative tab is being opened.
  • Chisel by tterrag ( >
    • Chiseled variants of Netherrack will now stay on fire. Forever.
    • Relevant blocks are now usable in the Ore Dictionary. No more reverse-chiseling to use something in crafting as long as its ore dictionary entry is supported!
    • Ender Offset Wand works again, has Recipe now. You can use this to shift multi-block textures like the Factory Blocks' Massive Fan.
    • Brownstone is back! It used to be Concrete, but it still will accelerate your player as your player walks!
    • You can craft Marble and Limestone in Thermal Expansion's Compactor - Presser Mode.
    • Re-Implemented IMC, allowing other mods to add and remove blocks to Carving Groups via Forge's Inter-Mod Communications.
    • Chiseled Blocks of Metal are now legal Beacon Bases.
    • Chiseled Stained Glass will now affect the color of the Beacon Beam.
    • Cloud Blocks are now translucent again.
    • JEI plugin updated, new features in API implemented.
    • Smashed another Duplication glitch.
    • Fixed crash without Blood Magic.
    • Fixed Dupe with Draconic Evolution.
  • CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ by covers1624 ( >
    • Mass format. Added ability for IItemBakery's to override transforms.
    • Refactored a thing, moved thing from meta to ItemStack.
    • Moved CCRSConsumer to a Vector3 offset backend.
    • New: "Unlisted TE" property.
    • Fixed seams on SimpleBlockRenderer.
    • Added a check to avoid mods being dumb with models.
    • Optimized ASM code by removing unnecessary ClassNode instantiation.
    • Updated some minor things in buildscript.
    • Fixed BakingVertexBuffer spitting out invalid quads after breaking some things from ProjectRed.
  • CompatLayer by McJty (0.2.2 > 0.2.5)
    • Some new compatibility functions and classes.
  • Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth (4.2.35 > 4.2.39)
    • Added some missing newer Harvestcraft non-food items to the recipe book.
    • Updated to latest Mouse Tweaks API.
    • Fixed kitchen counter block material.
    • Fixed scrollbar calculation when searching.
    • Fixed kitchen connector API capability not being registered.
    • Fixed crash on invalid CraftTweaker smelting recipes.
  • CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 (3.0.20 > 3.0.24)
    • Fixed how recipes are removed, should solve unrelated recipes being removed.
    • Fixed a crash on startup.
    • Fixed a dupe bug.
  • Deep Resonance by McJty (1.4.5 > 1.4.6)
    • Added nether and end variants of resonating ore. By default, they're enabled in the nether.
    • Crystals now also generate in the nether. They are stronger but less pure. This can all be configured.
    • Tanks are now also fluid handlers client-side. That's better for render issues.
    • Renamed the Deep Resonance machine frame so it is less confusing with RFTools.
    • Fixed oregen vein size. For this the config had to be regenerated. To enforce that I used different keys for the ore vein size. So if you have custom configs be sure to check that out again.
  • Draconic Evolution by brandon3055 ( >
    • Re-implemented the Reactor!!!
    • Added comparator output to fusion crafting.
    • Added support for NBT in fusion recipes.
    • Added a config option for Draconium Dust dropping from Dragon's death.
    • Added a config option to reduce the range of the celestial manipulator sound.
    • Added support for IItemHandler.
    • Modified custom fusion recipe's format (Will not break existing configs).
    • Adjusted the way beams connect between energy relays that are placed one directly above the other.
    • Patched the chaos guardian.
    • Fixed entity detector crashing due to invalid entities in the entity selection list.
    • Fixed fusion crafter crash when unloading/loading chunks.
    • Fixed comparator output for energy core not working correctly.
    • Fixed rotating blocks deleting their data.
    • Fixed chaos guardian crash on death.
    • Fixed reactor saturation comparator output.
    • Fixed inability to set flow override of flow gate via computer.
  • ElecCore | Rendering Library by Elec332 (1.6.379 > 1.7.409)
    • Fixed problems with static final MCVersion in ForgeVersion.
    • Fixed NPE when right-clicking a block with an empty hand.
    • Fixed CCM.
  • EnderTanks by ShetiPhian (1.4.10 > 1.4.11)
    • Added language files for german.
  • Extra Utilities 2 by RWTema (1.3.0 > 1.3.3)
    • Added "Analog Crafter", a crafter with 9 input slots that doesn't need a predefined recipe.
    • Added "Great Wall" world type. Basically a void world. [Changelog guy's note: vanilla already offers a superflat preset for generating a void world, would recommend just using that...]
    • Added support for various TE api interfaces.
      • (From a later update) Removed TE compatibility for now, until the API has stabilised.
    • Changed Opinium recipes.
    • Machines/generators now have a redstone modes (ignore/on/off/pulse).
    • Improved recipe handling code for better compatibility with 1.11
    • Tweaked GUI network code.
    • Fixed a dupe with opinium.
    • Fixed a 1.11 NPE in Mechanical crafter.
    • Fixed a rendering issue with flat transfer nodes.
    • Fixed a server crash with great wall worlds.
    • Fixed a rare missing sprite crash.
    • Fixed a Mini chest not saving or updating comparators.
    • Fixed a server crash with klein/opinium blocks.
    • Fixed a Deobfuscation crash.
  • FoamFix by asiekierka (0.6.1 > 0.6.2-beta3)
    • Applied a slight load time optimization for the optimizedBlockPos patch.
    • Optimized SideTransformer to run faster (in local testing, 700ms -> 160ms on server side; 600ms -> 80ms on client side).
    • Optimized FoamFix's coremod.optimizedBlockPos transformer to run faster (in local testing, 850ms -> 150ms overhead).
    • Added parallel model baking to speed up loading times.
    • Added optimizations to VertexLighterFlat.
    • Removed unnecessary fluff.
  • Forestry by SirSengir ( >
    • Fixed a crash client.
  • FTB Utilities by FTB (3.3.1 > 3.4.4)
    • Added IDrawableObject, many new forms of drawable objects, EnumHorizontalOffset and EnumRotation.
    • Started working on Teams GUI & Radial GUI.
    • Changed how panels and scrolling works.
    • Team permission now are saved as strings.
    • IDRegistry, PropertyShort and PropertyByte now all use integers.
    • Added localizations for team config options.
    • Fixed crash with PermissionAPI checking for OP on client side.
    • Cleaned up some chunk claiming code.
    • Guide no longer auto-sorts, only first page.
    • Fixed wrong command name for unload_all.
    • Fixed Commands page not working properly, and overriden command usage not working properly.
    • Finished all the GUIs.
    • Added team messaging.
    • Moved dependencies to FTBLib.
    • Removed ButtonSimpleLM.
    • Moved more things to commands.
    • Commented out the whole ForgePlayerInfoEvent listener, instead of just inside.
    • Re-added JourneyMap Integration.
    • Fixed chunkloading.
    • Permissions are either more broken or more fixed, who knows!
    • Fixed graves not breaking in claimed chunks.
  • FTBLib by FTB (3.3.0 > 3.4.5)
    • Added a GUI for Teams.
    • Fixed a crash with TechReborn wrenches, and possibly other blocks/items.
    • Removed team permissions, replaced with team status/rank instead.
    • Fixed teams not being created properly.
    • Fixed /ftb team msg only working for OPs.
    • Bugfixes.
    • Added clickable chat links in Teams GUI.
    • Added Kick button for in Teams GUI.
    • Added WIP notification on new message in team's chat.
    • Updated Forge and MCP mappings. Added block placing event handler.
  • Gendustry by bdew ( >
    • Updated to new BDLib - Fixed dupe bug caused by containers staying open after the block they belong to was destroyed.
  • Hammer Core by MrDimkas_Studio (1.2.3 > 1.4.8)
    • Backported most of new 1.11.2 features (excluding compiler API and recipe API)
    • Backported fix with BlockTraceable from 1.4.7 for MC 1.11.2
      • Fixed crash with BlockTraceables with dedicated servers and client looking at it.
  • Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize (0.10-56 > 0.10-57)
    • Added RazorWire! It pricks and slows, and you can electrify it.
    • Added Fluid Concrete. Slows entities down and immobilizes them when it dries.
    • Added a Potion fluid. Effects vary on NBT data. Works in the Chemthrower, can be bottled in Bottling Machine.
    • Added blocks for (almost) all IE Fluids.
    • Added the Mixer! It mixes solid components into fluids to make concrete or various potions!
    • Added Turrets! Configurable targeting, currently allowing for fluids (Chemthrower) or bullets (Revolver) as ammo.
    • Changed Floodlights to allow inversion of redstone control.
    • Changed Charging Station to allow charging Forge Energy items as well.
    • Fixed Bottling Machine recipes not consuming fluid and duping items.
    • Fixed Redstone Wires illegally connecting to relays.
    • Fixed ArcFurnace recipes causing NPEs when added through Minetweaker.
    • Fixed JEI handler preventing Draconic Evolution for loading theirs.
    • Fixed OneProbe showing components of Multiblocks rather than the MB itself.
    • Fixed derped texture on Metal Press.
    • Fixed side-solidity for Stone Multiblocks.
    • Fixed the density of Creosote Oil. A certain Lemming notified me that it's in fact, denser than water.
  • Industrial Craft by Player (2.6.142 > 2.6.188)
    • Bug fixes.
  • Item Scroller by masa (0.10.3 > 0.11.0)
    • Added support for scrolling single items out from a villager output slot.
    • Added right click crafting to craft one full stack to the cursor.
    • Added a "crafting scrolling" mode, with currently an 18 recipe internal memory, which by default is also saved to a file per-world or per-server:
      • This mode isn't actually limited to crafting grids, and in fact has really nothing to do with them.
      • All the to-be-supported GUIs/crafting blocks with the appropriate slot ranges must be added to the config for them to work with this mode.
      • By default the vanilla Crafting Table and the player inventory crafting grid, plus all the Ender Utilities crafting grids are in the config.
      • There is a new hotkey, which you must hold to see the recipe memory and to change the recipe selection.
      • To change the selection, hold the Recipe key and either scroll, or press a number key.
      • To store a recipe to the current slot, either scroll over the "output" slot, or press Shift + Recipe key + number (slots 1 to 9 only).
    • Changed some scrolling methods a bit internally.
    • Lots of internal refactoring, because the event handler class was getting massive. (now the ` class is massive instead...)
    • Re-arranged all configs to proper categories - regenerating the config file is recommended
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) by mezz ( >
    • Added IRecipeCategory#getTooltipStrings.
    • Removed progress bars for ingredients (it was making load time longer).
    • Mod now checks that plugin's IRecipeHandler.getRecipeClass() is valid.
    • Made all ingredients in a recipe cycle with the same offset.
    • Mod won't focus on recipe crafting category items, and will show them all now.
    • Improved recipe hover detection for tooltips.
    • Mod now logs any invalid smelting recipes that could cause a crash.
    • Fixed TickTimer implementation.
    • Fixed: Mod now properly reports items given by JEI, for server admins.
  • McJtyLib by McJty (2.3.9 > 2.3.11)
    • Added support for localized RFTools manuals.
    • Fixes to make it easier to support 1.10/1.11 item/block tooltips.
  • Mekanism by aidancbrady ( >
    • Mod now checks simulation parameters in Tesla integration.
    • Fixed filters not allowing apostrophe
    • Fixed key handler crash, now allows underscore in Logistical Sorter interface.
    • Several Tesla fixes.
    • Fixed a crash related to the cardboard box.
    • Added Draconium to minor compat.
    • Made Brine a liquid.
    • Added uranium to minor compat.
    • Fixed armor balance order.
    • Fixed: TileComponentChunkLoader#write assuming that tick() has already been called. This solves an issue with SpongeForge.
    • Mod now allows for sword repairability.
    • Fixed missing plastic colour state.
    • Fixed wrong fence color.
    • Fixed unsave cast in Atomic Disassembler.
    • Fixed Turbine not returning energy capability.
    • Mod will no longer extract steam as a gas from a reactor, it is not registred as such. Solves a lot of potential NPEs.
    • Removed deploader, depend on MCMP fixed.
    • Added version-based handling.
    • Bumped up Dynamic Tank max storage, fixing Factory container issue.
    • Added config option to disable block protections.
    • Fixed a chunk churning issue with frames.
    • Restricted Thermal Evaporation Plant output to needed.
    • Added compressed diamond, obsidian, and redstone to the ore dictionary.
    • Going back to MIT license for the mod.
    • Added a necessary null check.
    • Fix for an out-of-bounds error in the Thermal Evaporation Plant's render, which crashed the client.
  • MekanismGenerators by aidancbrady ( >
    • See Mekanism's changelog.
  • MekanismTools by aidancbrady ( >
    • See Mekanism's changelog.
  • Mercurius by voltnincs (1.0.2 > 1.0.3)
    • Applied a bug fix to properly account for play time.
  • Mouse Tweaks by YaLTeR (2.6.4 > 2.8)
    • Added support for the creative inventory.
    • Added: New API that's simpler, better and more convenient to work with.
    • Added an extended version of the Mouse Tweaks API interface which allows overriding the slot clicking function.
    • Added an NBT check to the ItemStack comparison. This should fix issues with the mod working incorrectly on items which differ only by NBT.
    • Added package-info into the API package to improve compatibility with mods implementing the API.
    • Added two annotations to the API for an easy way of disabling Mouse Tweaks without having to implement the whole interface.
    • Added a LiteLoader config menu (incomplete due to lack of LiteLoader controls at this time).
    • Changed: Better handling of the vanilla RMB dragging mechanic disabling.
    • Changed:Better wheel handling.
    • Applied major code refactor to make it simpler.
    • Mod now uses a different way of clicking the mouse which should be more compatible with everything.
    • Made IMTModGuiContainer2s to try finding and using handleMouseClick() first before falling back to windowClick() for better compatibility.
    • Made a small change in the IMTModGuiContainer2Ex interface.
    • Mod now outputs a proper API JAR.
    • Fixed crashes with mods implementing the old API interface.
  • MultiStorage by ShetiPhian (1.2.15 > 1.2.16)
    • Moved access list name processing to the server, to work around client missing user data (Should fix the issue where some users where unable to access vaults even though they are on the access list)
    • Reworked Vault orange name entries to work a bit different, while they are still based on username (offline mode uuid), they now also accept players who are verified by Mojang.
    • Improved vault access username auto complete.
    • Added config option that makes vault blocks WitherProof at all times. Old behavior of needing to be part of a completed vault is the default.
    • Prevented non-players from placing vault doors; due to possible placement errors and more importantly the inability to configure, remove, or even use the completed vault without an admin changing the owner to a player.
    • Mod uses new base tile entity recently added.
  • Natura by mDiyo ( >
    • Added:
      • Redwood Trees.
      • Seed and Bone Meal bags.
      • Crops.
      • Glowshrooms.
      • Tools.
      • Bluebell Flowers.
      • Vines.
      • Sticks.
      • Doors.
      • HWYLA Support.
        • Removed WAILA support in favour of HWYLA.
        • This will be pulled out until 1.11, WAILA support has been added back.
      • Bloodwood Trees.
      • Growing Overworld Saplings when in a superflat world.
    • Fixed:
      • Hopseed trees not generating.
      • Some other world generation issues.
      • Vines generating with different orientations when growing downwards.
      • Food shouldn't be eaten when saturation is full.
      • Language issues regarding seeds and other items.
      • Natura trees not generating when the overworld portion is disabled.
  • OpenComputers by Kethtar ( >
    • Added: Allow addons to register their floppies for loot disk cycling.
    • Added: Allow debug cards to send messages to one another and text to a debug card.
    • Added: Fire item toss event when agents try to drop items into the world.
    • Added: MFU.
    • Fixed: Card container in tablets not working.
    • Fixed: pastebin get, low mem loadfile.
    • Fixed: screens stopping to respond in some configurations when their chunk is loaded.
    • Fixed: Several drones are dropped if screnched quickly.
    • Fixed: Waila's issue.
    • Fixed: agents dropping items potentially deleting some.
    • Fixed: getName() on nanomachines crashing.
    • Fixed: blocks potentially not deinitializing on unload, leading to all kinds of issues (UUID changes in particular).
    • Fixed: broken keyboard rendering.
    • Fixed: commands breaking /help.
    • Fixed: missing potion effects in nanomachines.
    • Update: German localization.
    • Update: LuaJ and JNLua for better UTF-8 handling.
    • Update: OpenOS 1.6.1. memory, performance, devfs, relative links, term safe slow write.
    • Update: OPPM floppy to use new install features. Also updated OPPM.
    • Update: Plan9k.
    • Update: Improved JEI integration.
  • Platforms by ShetiPhian (1.2.8 > 1.2.9)
    • Mod now uses new base tile entity recently added to ShetiPhianCore.
  • QuantumStorage by Gigabit101 (3.2.19 > 3.3.2)
    • Fixed a dupe bug.
    • Fixed a dupe with swapping wand.
    • Fixed drops not working if the DSU doesn't contain any items.
  • RebornCore by modmuss50 ( >
    • Added custom colours and textures for RF.
    • Mod now generates MT Documentation for all mods installed when config is set to true.
    • Updated RF api to offical version.
    • Added a dev only null item stack checker.
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect amounts being produced in the compressor.
  • Refined Relocation 2 by BlayTheNinth (2.1.18 > 2.1.23)
    • Fixed sorting iron chests infinitely accepting sorting upgrades.
    • Fixed iron chests not consuming sorting upgrades when upgraded.
    • Fixed players taking damage when walking into sorting iron chests.
    • Fixed sorting iron chests not opening when another chest is above.
    • Fixed sorting chests rendering with a black overlay under some circumstances.
    • Fixed sorting chests opening further than normal chests.
  • Refined Storage by raoulvdberge (1.2.22 > 1.2.25)
    • Implemented support for the Forge update JSON system.
    • The Detector no longer outputs a strong redstone signal.
    • Made the keybinding to focus on the Grid search bar configurable.
    • Autocrafting bugfixes.
    • Mod now fires event on completion of an autocrafting task.
    • Mod now fires playerCrafting event when shift clicking in the grid.
    • Allow INodeNetwork instances to return an ItemStack for display in Controller GUI.
    • Fixed a crash in storage cache.
    • Fixed Crafting Pattern's model.
    • Fixed the Constructor not working on Botania flowers.
    • Fixed Disk Manipulator crashing.
    • Fixed slow oredict comparisons causing TPS lag.
  • RFTools by McJty (5.84 > 5.91)
    • The endergenic generator should now be a lot more stable and predictable. This might break your current setups but once you time them again they should stay that way.
      • Fixed an eternal looping bug in the latest endergenic changes if you had a loop of endergenics without an injector.
      • Fixed the eternal loop problem again in the endergenic. Some unfinished setups could still cause problems.
    • Added rabbit and sheep meat to the living matter config for the spawner (needs deleting the config).
    • Ported the rfttp cleanup command back from 1.7.10
    • Added real i18n support for the manual.
    • Fixed OC being unable to dial to any other dimension.
    • Fixed a small typo.
    • The builder works better with silk touch now and should actually be able to properly silk touch most things.
    • The block that the builder uses to replace with (dirt or stone in the old version) is now configurable. A new option quarryReplace replaces the old option for this and you can set it to any block. Default is still dirt.
    • The builder will now avoid breaking blocks if the break event fails using the BlockBreakEvent.
    • Prevented another special case/infinite loop for the endergenic generator.
    • In all crafting recipes (storage system, logic blocks, base blocks, screen modules, ...) ore dictionary crafting is now used for lapis lazuli, inksacs and chests.
    • It is now again possible to protect blocks with a gui (like chests) with the block protector by sneaking with the wrench in select mode on the block.
  • Shadowfacts' Forgelin by shadowfactsmc (1.3.1 > 1.4.1)
    • Update to Kotlin 1.1.1
  • ShetiPhianCore by ShetiPhian (3.3.7 > 3.3.8)
    • Added a new helper TileEntity.
    • Added new method to RecipeHelper.
  • Simple Covers by bdew ( >
    • Updated to new BDLib - Fixed dupe bug caused by containers staying open after the block they belong to was destroyed.
  • Simple Generators by ValkyrieofNight (0.10.5d > 0.10.6a)
    • Applied undetailed bug fixes.
    • Mod no longer supports COFH based RF.
  • Solar Flux Reborn by MrDimkas_Studio (2.6r > 2.16r)
    • Fixed a "Ticking Block Entity" crash on servers.
    • Fixed a config folder naming issue on Linux & Windows.
    • Fixed a power transfer NullPointerException.
    • Fixed a dupe bug when disassembling any tier of Solar Panel with certain wrenches.
    • Fixed a NoClassDefFoundError crash.
    • Backported the Server-to-Client Config Sync Feature from the 1.11 version.
  • Storage Drawers by jaquadro (3.6.0 > 3.6.2)
    • Restored shading to item labels.
    • For resource pack makers, item labels now honor the statusArea section of the dynamic folder json.
    • Fixed ticking crash if compacting drawer is in a weird state.
  • The One Probe by McJty (1.4.4 > 1.4.5)
    • Fixed a problem with potion effects not working on a server due to TOP calling client-side only methods.
  • ValkyrieLib by ValkyrieofNight (0.10.5f > 0.10.6)
    • Removed support for COFH RF.
    • Applied undetailed multiblock bug fixes.

Configuration Changes

  • Disabled Extra Utilities 2's new "Great Wall" world type.

Additional Files

Filename FTBInfinityLite110Server_1.8.0.zip
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Uploaded Apr 4, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
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