This optimization package gives you the best performance experience. With Intel Pentium processor G4560+8GRAM case and rendering distance of 48, I can get a stable frame rate of 30~40.
The loading speed is very fast. It takes only a few seconds to load (your lowly computer is saved!) (1280*960)

From my sister's computer: Intel Core i3 4170+ 4GRAM , also with graphics GTX650 case. Loading speed is also fast. Running at 1920*1080. Rendering distance 32. frame rate more than 130~150 fps! 48 rendering distance frame rate stable around 60~80! (The above data is for reference only) (1720*1080)


This is the optimization mechanism of 1.12.2. If you want to experience it, you can download it for testing.


Q: Why do you want to support Optifine?

A: Because I for some 1.12.2 players, I feel the need to make an optimization package to provide 1.12.2 player experience optimization.


Q: How many mods are in the optimization package?

A: There are only 13 Mods.


Q: Do I need to use it in combination with Optifine?

A: Yes


Q:Why does the game suddenly flash back as soon as I enter it?

A:Please use JAVA8 or use open JDK9 (not tested)


Q: If I test performance. Do I need to report it?

A: It is generally not necessary, but I strongly recommend that people give me feedback in the comments so that players can provide a reference.


Q: Can I drive with 1GB of running memory?

A: I think it's generally possible, but if you want a better experience, I think it's recommended to allocate 2GB to 3GB of RAM to get a better experience.


Q: Can you do a higher version?

A: It depends, if there are changes I will update to a higher version.


The modpack body files are distributed using the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 protocol.