Enlightened 6 Expert

is an unofficial, modified version of Enigmatica 6 Expert(E6E), focusing on performence and providing more interesting content with a 'slim' modlist. You can call it En6E.

What's new?

Fast and Slim

The first version of En6E is developed based on E6E 1.8.0, which contains around 353 mods. But En6E 2.2.0 has about 321 mods. The Dev is still carefully evaluating every mods, so depending on the version of En6E you installed, the number can be even smaller.

Most of removed mods are providing features that are duplicated or not compelling in original E6E. E.g. Game Stages is actually fully redundant with just two tweaks on scripts. So thay are removed.

Also, performance mods like Rubidium and ModernFix are added, providing much higher in-game FPS, making bootup time 1/3 of original E6E, and also making chunk update faster. Launching a heavily modded instance within 90 sec can be easy here.

Quality over Amount

Some major mods, like RefinedStorage and Simple Farming, are replaced with a delicate version, like Neapolitan, to provide high quality contents.

And quality doesn't have to be mods. En6E provides custom scripts that will allow you to hand over your items to your friends by Shift+RightClick, no need to throw things around anymore!

Recipe Hint

Recipe hints are added in JEI, providing info about how to obtain an item. For example, Recipe hint for killing entity will let you know that Wilden Tribute can be obtained through Tablet of Summon Wilden.

Refined Storage?

If you prefer RS over AE, En6E provides custom compatibility scripts for RS. You can install mods listed below as you wish, and their recipe will change automatically.

  • Refined Storage
  • Refined Storage Addons
  • Extra Storage
  • RSInfinityBooster

Changes in modlist

Too many to be honest, here are some of them:

  • RS and it's extensions -> AE and it's extensions
  • Simple farming -> Neapolitan
  • tweaked and it's ext -&gt
  • RSGauges -> removed
  • Atmosphere -> removed

For full list, see changelogs.

Permission of Modifying

See https://github.com/EnigmaticaModpacks/Enigmatica6/pull/5378#issuecomment-1556862860
Also avaliable at the image tab.

Normal Mode

En6E has a built-in normal mode. You can use /mode normal to switch to normal mode. Or you can try En6 (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/enlightened-6) , who shares the same modlist and most of configs, but pre-configured to normal mode.

Note: This modpack is NOT Enigmatica 6 Expert(E6E). Even though EnigmaticaModpack Team did allow me(zzz_zank) to modify Enigmatica 6, support of this modpack is not provided by them.