• Performance ⚙️

Deez FPS is one of the best FPS modpacks you can find right now! (My configuration is 8go of ram and an itel i5 6300u in a laptop, so you can get more fps ).


• Compatibility ✔️

Deez FPS is compatible with all the launchers, is still not official if it works with all but half of them.


• FPS Comparison 📈

You can check the gallery I made, I tested some with vanilla, lunar client, fabulously optimized and deez fps of course [ I didn't cheat, I didn't fake anything 100% reliable, It's not guarantee you will get the same fps like mine.


Deez v.2 :  



 Fabulously Optimized : 



Lunar Client : 



• Shaders 🍂

Yes, This Modpack Support Shaders


• Connected Textures 🌈   

Yes, Deez FPS support connected textures and some optifine features.


• Tweaks 💠

Deez Fps includes a few minor tweaks, such as Model Gap Fix AntiGhost, Smooth Boot, Chunky,  Just Enough Items, Visuality, ItemSwapper, Sound Physics Remastered and Mouse Tweaks etc....   


• Loader  🚀

Built on Fabric is a lightweight, experimental modding tool chain for Minecraft, not like Forge.


• Support 📙

 If you need support or you have any question, you can join the discord, where there are mods and admins to assist you. Here is the link: HELP


  Logo 📷

If you need the logo for youtube videos or presentations, I can send you 4 versions or more just send a message to my discord: Lamara#0001 or join the discord ( Link in the text before this one ).


Thanks Luna Pixel Studios for helping me, make sure to join their discord.gg/lunapixel they make amazing modpacks.