This is a very small 1.16.5 pack aimed at making use of the aesthetic automation offered by the create mod.


The main content of this pack comes from three mods: Create, a tech mod based around rotation mechanics designed to let you automate simple tasks and chain together those automations into a complex (and nice to look at) factory; Rats, a "tech" mod about having rats run around your base transporting items and performing other tasks; and Immersive Portals, which allows instant nether portal transport. The combination of Create's minecart loading feature as well as Immersive portals allows small structures to be loaded into minecarts, and transported near instantly into the nether for long distance travel.


The pack also offers a few vanilla addons such as the abillity to place torches on half slabs, more vanilla slabs, stairs and fences, a few other quality of life mods and a tombstone mod.


 We are sponsored by ScalaCube; using their servers also supports Create+ into the future.


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