Corrupt lands is a minecraft  kitchen sink modpack for version 1.16.4. I have tailored it to have something for everyone, whether you like adventure, automation, tech, magic whatever it may be, Corrupt lands has it. We use over 170 mods to make minecraft feel fresh and fun again, some stand out mods are Create, Alex's mobs, Supplementaries, most tech mods we used to love, a new magic system from ars nouveau, vanilla-style guns from GunsWithoutRoses. along with over 20 bosses for you to find and defeat. With 2 new dimensions (Ratlantis, Dungeon dimension) this modpack has many hours of fun content for you and your friends to enjoy. I have added a few mods that are only for server use, such as VoiceChat mod. If you're playing solo feel free to remove it. 


There are also some game changing elements in this modpack, such as beds not turning it today, that now requires a "Well". This wishing well is used to change time of day and the weather by throwing in certain items. For example, to reset it to day you can throw in a golden ingot :). Also, the end portal and stronghold has been replaced by a mod called "End remastered". You will now need 12 unique eyes, 2 dropped from pre-end bosses and the rest are found in unique structures located in different biomes. For example the jungle eye is found in a jungle temple! and with the new version we now have blood moon events (increased mob spawns) and harvest moon events (crops grow faster)!


I hope you all enjoy this modpack, this is my 3rd one (The other 2 being on an old account) so im still new. If theres any problems you come across, please post them in the comments and ill get an update out ASAP. Thank you all :)