Conquest Colonies Arcane

972 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

All you really ever wanted to do was have a simple life in your mine colony, but you have somehow awoken in a strange world. Much of the beautiful surrounding terrain looks familiar, though soon your eyes will be opened to a world you did not know existed: arcane magic; creatures; plants; and crystals. In this world, you will soon learn to master little-known truths that will open your eyes to life’s meaning or you will surely die.

However, first, you must survive…

Conquest Colonies Arcane builds upon the beauty of Conquest Reforged and the challenge of MineColonies, Thaumcraft, and other fun mods. The pack itself is based upon Conquest Colonies by, Dranem. In this world of yesteryear, you will also enjoy a few of the modern tools of technology mixed with some magic sprinkled in. However, watch out for many powerful mythical monsters that can kill with a single breath. Eventually, you will ride with the winds and into legend.

It is recommended to use Optifine, which must be downloaded and install manually. Among other things, Optifine renders Conquest Reforge mod blocks correctly for a stunning effect.

The pack runs best with 8-10gb of RAM. For older computers, try disabling the texture pack, Conquest Reforge. 

Quests: The quests are still very rough and need lots of content & polish, though they do work. If you have an issue or question with quests, please post them in our discord #modpack-support channel (if possible) or in the Issue tracker linked above.

If Upgrading from a previous version, please run the following command(s)

Players: Run “/bq_user refresh” for both single player and servers.

Admins: Run “bq_admin default load” on servers

Known Issues:

  • Hammer/Pickaxe: Conquest Reforged somehow changes some vanilla blocks properties. Therefore, breaking blocks with Tinkers Construct does not drop vanilla stone, andesite, diorite, granite, and packed ice--there may be other blocks, but those are the ones I have found. Draconic Evolution is also affected by this same issue with the Staff of Power and Pickaxes (see: and
  • Ore generation is heavily controlled by Conquest Reforged, which is why Mystical Agriculture and Ex Nihilo: Creatio mods have been added. It should be noted with the addition of Cyclic, the Nether and End both have easily minable ores.


Due to Conquest Reforge’s world gen, it is recommended you pregenerate your world with Conquest Reforge disabled. The modpack now includes Chunk-Pregenerator, which makes pregeneration very easy. However, with Conquest Reforged enabled you will generate some spectacular worlds and is very playable.

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