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Coming back to our original mission!


This modpack features MineColonies and altered terrain generation through Terralith to provide an experience unlike any other. Additionally, a few other mods are added that enhance the Minecraft experience, such as Quark, Jobs+, and more! With only 61 mods, including performance-optimization mods, even the potato PCs can comfortably run this modpack!


This modpack also comes with its own multiplayer server! To join in, you must be whitelisted first through our Discord: https://discord.gg/NFaWXp3Nqu


Mods included in the modpack:


  • Better with Minecolonies by Kreezxil
  • Comforts by TheIllusiveC4
  • Diagonal Fences by Fuzs
  • Domum Ornamentum by OrionOnline
  • Farmer's Delight by vectorwing
  • Goblin Traders by MrCrayfish
  • Gravestone Mod by henkelmax
  • HT Treechops by Fuzs
  • Jobs+ by DAQEM
  • JourneyMap by techbrew
  • Minecolonies by Raycoms
  • Multipistons by Raycoms
  • Quark by Vazkii
  • Simply Swords by sweenuss
  • Sophisticated Backpacks by P3pp3rF1y
  • Structurize by Raycoms
  • Terralith by Starmute
  • Tetra by mickelus
  • Waystones by BlayTheNinth
  • YUNG's Better Desert Temples by YUNGNICKYOUNG
  • YUNG's Better Dungeons by YUNGNICKYOUNG
  • YUNG's Better Nether Fortress by YUNGNICKYOUNG
  • YUNG's Better Ocean Monuments by YUNGNICKYOUNG
  • YUNG's Better Strongholds by YUNGNICKYOUNG
  • YUNG's Better Witch Huts by YUNGNICKYOUNG
  • Zombie Awareness by Corosus


NOTE: The list above does not contain any dependencies, libraries, and performance-enhancers that are in this modpack. To see the full list, you can download the modpack to see them!


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Need support? They can be reached at thier website or communications server