NOTICE: I am depreciating this pack. There will be no further updates.


 Brisingr's Not-So-Vanilla+ Modpack is a pack that expands on Vanilla Minecraft in many ways. It focuses on the following:


  • Exploration
    • Tons of new dungeons and structures to find and loot
  • Building
    • Many useful tools and hundreds new blocks to build with
  • Automation
    • Many new redstone devices and components to expand your options
  • Storage
    • Tons of new storage options, from Drawers to Drums.

This is my first Modpack, and is currently a major WIP. Things will change as time goes on.


The logo is also a WIP, as I have no real artistic skill.


Some stuff that still needs to be done:


  • Loot overhaul - all sorts of new loot (Partially done in 0.2.0)
  • Finalization of modlist- Still waiting on a certain mod to release
  • Custom villager trades - Not sure on this one yet