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Ever wanted Minecraft 2 or What Minecraft should have been


✔️ Oh The Biomes You'll Go World Generation [Adds New Overworld, Nether & End Biomes]
✔️ 3 New Dimensions [Everbight & Everdawn & Twilight Forest]
✔️ Upgraded Netherite [New Netherite Gear]
✔️ Dragon Mounts Legacy [Grow your own Dragon and Ride it!]
✔️ New Creatures, Mobs & Bosses from Alex Mobs & Ender Cataclysm!
✔️ Tons of NEW Dungeons & Structures from Additional Structures & When Dungeons Arise!
✔️ Xaero's World Map & Xaero's Minimap
✔️ Tons of QOL Features & Waystones
✔️ A Brand New Experience of Vanilla Minecraft and much More!
✔️ 200+ Mods