The offical modpack of Anvil-Craft 1 and Anvil-Craft 2project.


Only for version 1: 


Caution !! This pack is very heavy and made for multiplayer, there can appear problems playing sinlge player, depending on the power of your PC !!

Recommended amount of RAM : 10GB +


This Project contains many Technic mods but some Magic and adventure Mods too, it is well balanced even ProjectE and Arvaritia aren't game breaking (at least no expolit found until now). Using the Mods combined you can get OP whithout destroying the game Experience. So go on explore the world and craft yourself up to the top. You can use Tech mods to automate different things or explore different dungeons and dimensions. The modpack offers over 300 mods, but they are only things added the user can to, but it dosen't changes the default experience. The user can still use all vanilla things and mechanics without modified recipies but some mod recipies are changed.


Only for version 2:


Version 2 of Anvilcraft is aiming to be more lightweight. 


Warning: if you want to play it, please remove the scripts folder. The scripts are only for the Anvilcraft 2 project.


All credits belong to Tilera and the Mod-authors!