ADG Omicron 1

5,303 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2022 Game Version: 1.12.2   +1

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Hello! This is MCAdventureCity from the ADG Team, and we would like to present our newest Modpack, ADG Omicron XII!!

About this Pack

This pack is a lighter alternative to our primary Kitchen-Sink Pack, ADG Omega XII!! It features just over 90 mods, and should be playable on 3 GB of RAM allocated! It also Features nearly 150 Quests, which serve as a guide for those new to Modded Minecraft, thus opening the world of Modded Minecraft to those who either cannot run heavy modpacks, or feel overwhelmed by 200+ mod Kitchen Sink packs. The Quests are mostly complete, but mods such as Environmental Tech and RFTools still need quests written. These quests will be added in version 1.3.0, so look forward to that!


As always, thanks for playing this pack! - MCAdventureCity and the ADG Team