Adastra Peraspera




Adastra Peraspera is a modpack with multiple mods from the latest Minecraft Version, made to help you discover them and learn how to use them!



Adastra Peraspara use a wide variety of mods to offer you many ways to play it, yet well-balanced with many modified recipes, thanks to CraftTweaker, and for everyone.


There is everything from magic, with Botania, to Tech, with Mekanism or the recently updated and immersive Create, as well as Adventure with The Abyss 2!

Whatever is your playstyle, you will definitely find something for you.


Thanks to new recipes, we created an EndGame where you need to craft creative items, with complex crafts and resources, as an ending objective!


We also thought about multiplayer, and added many mods for you, such as Vending Tiles, that gives the possibility of creating your own shops!



As a conclusion, this modpack is made for everyone, from beginners who want to discover Modded Minecraft, to veterans who look for challenge and complex objectives! Moreover, Adastra Peraspera will be often updated with the latest mods of CurseForge, so you will never lack of content to play with!

Have fun with Adastra Peraspera!