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This is a mod which adds various utilities and enhancements to make your life easier. Designed with the advanced Minecrafter in mind. It adds your coordinates, a compass, a clock, calculates distances, shows nearby players, shows unsafe areas, shows potion durations, quick deposit eating aid, ender pearl aid, potion aid, torch aid, weapon swapper, an fps counter, displays animal info, item selector, health monitor, and dynamically displays your equipment's durability. Any one of these features can be disabled. It works in both single player and multiplayer servers.

I'm releasing this as open source. Make sure to check it out on Git Hub. If you happen to use the code in any way make sure to send me a PM because I'd love to see what you make with it.

See this mod on the Minecraft Forums here or on CurseForge here. These are the only two sites I post new downloads to.


Video reviews


  1. Install Forge by running the latest recommended Forge installer.
  2. Put the .jar you downloaded from the files tab into your /.minecraft/mods folder. If you don't know how to find this folder, open up a folder with Windows Explorer and type in %appdata%/.minecraft into the file path bar at the top of the window. Doing this will bring you directly to the Minecraft folder. If a mods folder doesn't exist, then create one here.
  3. Launch Minecraft with the Forge profile selected in the launcher.

Known Bugs

  • Safe Overlay doesn't work when both Optifine and shaders are installed.
  • Safe Overlay unsafe marks will flicker when several thousand blocks (5000) away from (0,0).
  • Torch Aid may sometimes move items around in your inventory when activating a container block while a torch is in your inventory. A workaround is to keep a torch on your hotbar.
  • AMD graphics cards may have rendering glitches when using X-ray with Safe Overlay when OptiFine is installed.


  • K = Distance Measurer toggle
  • L = Safe Overlay toggle
    • - + L = Decrease safe draw distance
    • + + L = Increase safe draw distance
    • 0 + L = Set safe draw distance to default (20)
    • Ctrl + L = toggle see through walls
  • P = Player Locator toggle
  • O = Animal Info toggle
  • F = Weapon swap
  • G = Eat food
  • C = Throw ender pearl
  • V = Potion Aid
  • X = Quick Deposit
    • Shift + X = Quick Deposit (without matching)
  • Alt + Mouse Wheel = Select items from inventory
  • F1 = Enter your coordinates while chatting
  • Ctrl + Alt + Z = Options menu



The options menu can be access through the pause menu, by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Z, or typing "/zyinhud" in single player. You can change almost anything about any feature to your hearts content.


The Miscellaneous section has functionality not relating to anything in particular.

  • Enhanced middle click
    • Improves the default middle click (select block) functionality by selecting the mouseovered block if it exists in your inventory instead of just on your hotbar.
  • Quick place sign
    • Allows you to skip entering text when placing a sign while sneaking. Useful for building contraptions that require you to place lots of signs. Disabled by default.
  • Unlimited Sprinting
    • Normally Steve will stop sprinting after 30 seconds of continuously sprinting. This option prevents that from happening (this is not a cheat/hack).
  • Anvil repair count
    • Will show how many times your items have been/can be repaired while using the Anvil.

Shows a clock that can show standard time or a countdown till the end of the day/night. Coordinates show your (x, z, y) coordinates along with what direction you're facing. The y coordinate changes color based on what ores spawn at that elevation. You can also press TAB to input your coordinates into chat while typing.

Animal Info

Animal Info (hotkey = O) will display the stats of any horse, even untamed and baby horses, breeding information for breed-able mobs, what food you need to breed certain animals, how long they need to 'recover' after breeding, and the professions of Villagers.

Safe Overlay

Safe Overlay (hotkey = L) showing unsafe areas (you're seeing see through walls enabled/disabled with Ctrl+L). Hold down the plus/minus key and then press L to increase/decrease the safe checking area. Hold 0 and press L to reset distance to default. It is extremely accurate in determining where mobs can spawn and is multi-threaded for increased performance. Big shoutout to Zombe's ModPack and LLOverlay for their open source code.

Durability Info

Durability Info provides a customizable display that shows you which pieces of your equipment are breaking. It works with tools on your hotbar and armor you have equipped, and can even auto-unequip them before they break.

Player Locator

Player Locator (hotkey = P) will show you where nearby players are. It can also tell you how far away they are and their health. Never again will you be caving with a friend and ask which way he went.

Also has options to show your tamed wolves, as well as enemy Wither Skeletons so you can easily hunt them.

Potion Timers

Potion Timers will display the remaining time on your potions whenever you drink a one (look in the top left).

Weapon Swapper

Weapon Swapper lets you press F to quickly select either your sword or bow. Press it again to switch between the two.

Eating Aid

Eating Aid lets you press G to quickly eat food, even if it's not in your hotbar. Also works with the PvP Soup server plugin.

Ender Pearl Aid

Ender Pearl Aid lets you press C to quickly throw an ender pearl, even if it's not in your hotbar.

Potion Aid

Potion Aid lets you press V to quickly drink potions, even if they're not in your hotbar. It intelligently determines which potion you need based on your condition. For example, if you're burning in lava it'll use a fire resistance potion. If you're injured, it'll use a health or regeneration potion. If you're ok it'll buff you with swiftness potions, strength potions, and invisibility potions.

Torch Aid

Torch Aid lets you place torches when you have a pickaxe, axe, shovel, or nothing in your hand by right clicking. It even works when you have torches but they aren't on your hotbar.

FPS Counter

Displays a simple FPS counter. It is turned off by default, but you can turn it on in the config file. In single player you can type "/fps" to toggle it on/off.

Distance Calculator

Distance calculator (hotkey = K). Useful for building and measuring distances from your crosshair.

Quick Deposit

Quick Deposit (hotkey = X) allows you to easily deposit items into your chests (it is very similar to Terraria's quick stack functionality). Quick Deposit will detect what items are in the chest and deposit any matching items from your inventory into the chest. For example, if you have a chest with only Dirt in it, it will deposit all the Dirt from your inventory into the chest. If you have a chest with Stone, Cobblestone, Coal, and a Diamond Sword then it will deposit those 4 types of items from your inventory into the chest. To override the matching use Shift+X to deposit all items.

In addition to chests it also works with villager trading windows (by auto filling in what the villager is buying), furnaces, brewing stands, hoppers, droppers, dispensers, and horse inventories.

Item Selector

The Item Selector helps you quickly select items from your inventory without having to open it. While holding down the left Alt button, use your mouse wheel to scroll through items that are inside of your inventory so they can be placed onto your hotbar.

Health Monitor

Remember the old Zelda games and their annoying warning beeps when you're about to die? Health Monitor gives you that same annoying sound from Ocarina of Time, Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Links Adventure, Legend of Zelda, or Adventures of Link. But don't worry, it's disabled by default so you don't have to be annoyed by it unless you enable it.



Inside of the mod's .zip file you will find /lang/zyinhud/en_US.properties. This is the default language file. If you want to add another language please copy the format that en_US.properties uses and send it to me so that I can include it in the next version. Currently this mod has partial Polish, French, German, Indonesian, Chinese, and Spanish translations.


If you like this mod please consider donating by using the Donate button up top.