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This mod receive live stream chat from YouTube, and display it into the game.



- YouTube Live Chat in game

This is an actual live chat from my live stream back in 2018.


- In-game chat action

Select an action from in-game chat.


And this person get banned, forever :p


Full Feature List

* Display YouTube Live Stream Chat in Minecraft.
* Highlight Super Chat messages and how much he/she donated. (Untested because in Thailand doesn't support Super Chat yet due to law.)
* Show Only Super Chat messages.
* Abilities to Delete, Ban, Add Moderator from in-game chat.


How to install

- Install Minecraft Forge/Fabric depends on version of the Minecraft you wanted to play (Recommended or Latest if possible)
- Download this mod and put it into your .minecraft/mods folder.
- Done


How to use

- Follow this guide to set up your authentication details.
- Copy content in downloaded json file (from step 2) into the "Client Secret" config setting.
- Make sure you have live stream started.
- Type command "/ytc start" in Minecraft, and sign in with your Google account and select a channel with an active live stream.
- Done!



jimrogers - Original Creator
PeregrineZ - Implemented Chat Action feature (Delete Chat)


Old Thread + Old Version (Original)