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For 1.12 versions, see XPTeleporters 2 by p455w0rd!


This mod adds teleporters, that uses experience as fuel.


Since version 1.2.0, FTBLib is required


  • By default, its 30 levels to travel between dimensions and 20 per 1000 blocks to travel in the same dimension
  • Two teleporters has to be linked with XPT Link Card and it disappears after a successful link creation
  • To teleport, simply step on the teleporter and press shift (sneak), and if you have enough levels and the link is stable, you will be teleported to other teleporter, even if its in unloaded area or another dimension
  • Teleporters has a small cooldown, 3 seconds by default, to prevent from getting stuck on portals
  • You can configure them to only drain xp when linking
  • You can rename the teleporter in anvil or rightclick with Name Tag, to give the teleporter a name, that you will see above it, when it is active
  • You can also disable crafting, set travel costs to 0 levels, and add expensive recipes with MineTweaker
  • Config file is located in config/LatMod/XPT.cfg


Short video I made:


Also, special thanks to tfox83 for the idea!