Add 4 Biomes :

-Mysterious Forest :

A particular biome which is a kind of mix between swamp and jungle, the atmosphere that emerges is rather humid and tropical ...

In this biome can spawn Light Purple Mushrooms and mysterious roots.

-Very High Mountains :

Biome of steep mountains where it's difficult to move around..

In this biome can appear Larch and the structure : "Iced Camp"

-Legendary Plains :

Legendary Plains It's a plains biome with a few trees, and a warm atmosphere ...

In this biome can appear the structure: "plains_ruins" and "tower_ruins".

Golden poppy spawns in this biome.

-Burnt Forest :

In this biome can spawn Burnt House structure !

Other Things :

-Aventurine (ore) :

Generates between y = 32 and y = 8 in biomes added by the mod.

With aventurine you can craft the "Aventurine Totem".


A new stone variant, like diorite or granite, green (can only spawns in biomes added by the mod).

-Golden Poppy

Just a golden poppy... you can craft golden nugget and antidote with it.


A tool cut leaves to make a usable way !

-Better Mushroom Stew :

Stackable by 8, has a little more saturation than the classic mushroom stew and gives the nausea effect and when you're to 5hp (2,5 hearts) or less, heals 1hp (0,5 heart).

-Burnt Zombie :

New variant of zombie, set fire when he's hit.(can only spawn with spawn egg yet)

-4 Achievement

One for each biome (of Xell's Biomes) explored.


(Translated in French)


Give me your feedback about the mod !

(If you find a bug report it)