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Filename worldedit-fabric-mc1.14.4-7.0.1.jar
Uploaded by me4502
Uploaded Aug 12, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4   +1
Size 2.03 MB
Downloads 203,552
MD5 de64d379362a2c8cbd1023685725f06b
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This is the 7.0.1 release for Fabric 1.14.4. It is marked as a beta since CurseForge only shows one release and one beta in the "recent files" section of the main page.



Changes in 7.0.1

  • Fix source masks using EdiSession instead of clipboard


Fix bug with spaces in suggestions


Fix schematic list box loading schematics with spaces in path


Improve //thru (and navwand) in some cases


Fix error when /up was used below the world


Fix /up -f using glass anyway.


Fix suggestions for quoted strings


Improve suggestions for mask intersections


Fix setting biomes in unloaded chunks


BlockStateHolder now extends Pattern (API enhancement)


Skip invalid blocks when schematic versions are mismatched


Add -e/-b/-m flags to stack and move, just as copy/paste have


Fix //center for selections with even-sized height


(Fabric) Fix setting tile entities


(Forge) Update to latest Forge builds (28.0.45+ required!)


(Fabric/Forge Single-player) Fix wrong blocks being used when switching
between worlds generated at different times/with different mods


Improve //naturalize over large areas


Fixed //restore with 1.14 worlds


Added item brush support to WorldEdit for Bukkit (Formerly just Forge)


Create an internal state ID mapping for performance


Improve rotation for some blocks


Added .self permission node to undo/redo to only allow undoing and redoing own history


Improve sponge schematic implementation


Re-add the delchunks command


Added 1.14 blocks, items, tags, etc to the API (Remains compatible with 1.13)


Made the navigation and selection wands normal tools that can be rebound per-user with //selwand and //navwand


Added //wand -n to get the navigation wand


Improved movement of paintings


Allow command suggestions for selectors


Allow block replacer to work with tile entities


Fixed pasting leashed entities


Fixed setting player heads with names


Added a mask flag to //count


Setup pagination for //distr


Fixed an entity-related error being caused by plugins improperly using Spigot


Fixed gravity brush


Modify chunk batching for performance


Further legacy schematic loading improvements

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