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📖 About:

  • Windswept is a mod that aims to build upon snowy and forested areas of the game, incentivising players to explore and build in the newly expanded biomes. Each feature is designed with Mojang's update design principles in mind so they would all feel at home in the vanilla game. Windswept currently adds two new wood-types, thirteen new flowers, three new music discs, ten+ new food items, two new biomes, two new structures, a new mob and much more, check out the wiki for a comprehensive full feature list.

📖 Extra Compatibility For:

  • Quark - Glow Shroom Basket, Mushroom Baskets, Holly and Chestnut wood-set compatibility, Vertical Slabs, Compressed blocks, Woodset Blocks in Structures.
  • Berry Good - Wild Berry Pips, extra Wild Berry growing stage, Wild Berry Basket, Holly Berry Basket, Mushroom Baskets.
  • Boatload - Large Boats and Furnace Boats for both Holly and Chestnut.
  • Woodworks - Holly and Chestnut Woodset compatibility, Woodset Blocks in Structures, Holly and Chestnut Sawmill Recipes.
  • Neapolitan - Wooden Milk Buckets compatibility with Milk Cauldrons.
  • Farmer's Delight - Holly and Chestnut Cabinets, raw and cooked Chevon Shanks, Goat Stew cooking recipe, Chestnut Soup cooking Recipe. Chestnut Risotto item, Chestnut Chicken Platter Item, Mushroom Baskets.
  • JEI - Many information tags for blocks and items.
  • Create - Cutting Recipes for Holly and Chestnut.
  • Autumnity - Foul Berry Bowl, Chestnut Forests will have spotted Orange Maple Trees, Snowy Chestnut Forests will have spotted Red Maple Trees.
  • Environmental - Chestnut and Grove Slabfish Variants.
  • Caverns and Chasms - Frozen Flesh Block, Chilled will sometimes spawn with silver tools and armour.

📖 Languages:

  • en_us
  • en_pt
  • es_es
  • es_mx
  • fr_fr
  • he_il
  • it_it
  • ja_jp
  • pl_pl
  • pt_br
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  • ro_ro
  • ru_ru
  • uk_ua
  • zh_cn