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Water[vapor] Has Appropriate Textures


It's time for technical explanations again. The forge fluid registry has a fatal flaw in that it can change the default fluid on world load, but only one forge bucket will be baked and only one fluid texture will be stitched into the texture atlas. This results in black and purple quilt textures on fluid tanks if two mods add the same fluid (Steam, Oil, Molten Metals, ...). This mod doesn't solve the discrepancy between the world default and the load default, it simply stitches ALL fluid textures to ensure there will be a texture to render even if the world default doesn't match the load default.

This will work for every mod that does not cache their own fluid texture for rendering purpose (i.e Embers and probably anything written by LordMau5)


tl;dr if you have two mods installed that add the same oil you won't get purple and black textures anymore