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Filename Werkbench-1.7.10-1.2.56.jar
Uploaded by jakimfett
Uploaded Apr 25, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
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MD5 0f5d6797fe523bd0de4f390e9d14e523


Furnace integration release!


Also a bunch of backend changes in how containers, slots, and the GUI background works to prep for future plans.


As always, if you run into any bugs, please report them on the issue tracker.


Code whitespace and ordering fixes — jakimfett
Refactor method name to be more descriptive — jakimfett
Add gui offset values to enum — jakimfett
Put double chest check into updateSideChecks — jakimfett
Refactor background drawing per side — jakimfett
Add furnace packet config and localization — jakimfett
Use ordinal from message — jakimfett
Render progress bars for furnaces — jakimfett
Organize methods — jakimfett
Update background for furnaces — jakimfett
Helps if the values actually get set — jakimfett
Remove whitespace — jakimfett
Register furnace update messages — jakimfett
Prune dead code — jakimfett
Create max GUI packet limit — jakimfett
Get client world object for client message — jakimfett
Send update requests every few ticks — jakimfett
Rough draft of furnace value retrieval — jakimfett

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