This is a addon for epic fight mod made by Yesman.

It add 10 weapons, 18 skills, 4 armors (artefacts) and 1 enchantement.

There is also gamerules that:

  • Make mob stronger the further they are.
  • Mobs that have more than 20 health have a chance to drop emeralds and more xp. (no more useless battle)
  • Skeleton have a settable chance to spawn with a stone melee weapon.


All weapons have unique animations and behaviors that have a lot of secrets and hidden techniques you can find and master through practice.

I made this for both PvP and PvE, however, i really try hard to balance PvP first.


Here is a list of the weapons it adds right now ( with where to get them ):

  • Agony

The first weapon i made.

You can found it in Dungeon spawner with 10% chance in a loot chest.

  • Torment

You can find this one in Pillager outpost with 5% chance or,

in Woodland Mansion with 10% chance in a loot chest. 

  • Ruine

You can find it in Stronghold with 10% chance in corridors and crossings loot chest. 

  • Staffs 

Staffs are craftable weapons from wooden to netherite. 

  • Greataxe

Greataxes are also craftable weapons but from iron to netherite.

  • EnderBlaster

EnderBlaster is a endgame weapon you can find in End City's with 5% chance. 

  • Antitheus

Antitheus is a endgame weapon you can craft with a Demon seal and a nether star on a smithing table.

You can find Demon seal in nether forteress with 5% chance in a loot chest,

and in Bastion with 10% chance in a loot chest. 

  • Satsujin

Satsujin you can craft with Demon seal and Uchigatana ( Epicfight katana ).


  • Herrscher 

you will be able to find both the sword and shield in Underwater Ruin with,

2% chance in a small ruin and 5% in the big one.


  • Moonless

You will find in desert temple with 5% chance in each chest.



There is a total of 18 skill:

  • 3 guard
  • 5 dodges
  • 10 passives

All of them drop on mobs depending on the mob type. ( Zombie, Enderman, Spider ect )


4 set of new armors called Artefacts that replace half of damage reduction for health and have 0 weight:


To craft artefacts you'll need Ghast tears and the corresponding armor types in a smithing table.

For emeralds artefacts, it's the crafting recipies of the vanilla armor with a Ghast tear in the middle


Invigoration increase your stamina by 2 per level. ( max 5 lvl )

About that gamerule that increase mob health and damage. ( disable by default )

The further they are from  x:0 and z: 0, for every 1000 block they wil gain x1.5 health and x1.2 damage.

They will have a chance to drop emeralds if they have more than 20 health and give more xp. ( disable by default )

Emeralds drop isn't affected by looting.


Skeletons will also spawn with melee weapon.

The percentage of that change to occure is changeble via gamerule. (50% by default )


I think i've covered much everything.

I have more weapon i'm really excited to make and more ... everything ( skills, armor, structures, mobs, bosses ...) !  (i don't know what word i could use).


Oh and i almost forgot, i break any one in 1v1 ! challenge me if you think you are worthy !

Message me on discord: Reascer

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And hum yeah if i could eat on previus days, it is thanks to my Patrons, and well, thanks to each and everyone of you from my soul for keeping me alive !


Enjoy !

(i'll make this look better i'm just still drowning in code