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Waterfree Farming is finally out for 1.14. 

As I was working on the new version for 1.14 I took the time to overhaul the activation sequence on the farm, because I needed to completely rewrite the complete code for the 1.14 release.

Things should work much more smooth now.

Also with the blockstate change, there is now a version without tile entities for the farm elements. This should help big farms to produce less lag.


With Waterfree Farming you can build farms without adding water sources into them.

As of version 2.0.0 there is also automation for the farms build with the new blocks.

Because you don't need any special ores you can install this mod at any time, as no new biomes need to be generated.

For a full description, changelog, videos and old recipes head over to the minecraft forum. Here I will only show the recipes for the new blocks/items.


Clay Hoe

Recipe Clay Hoe

Fertilize Machine

Fertilizer Recipe


Recipe Watertank


Injector Recipe


Pipes Recipe


Detector Recipe

Dirt Controller

Controller Recipe

Sand Controller

Controller Sand Recipe