Current progress (31/01/2020)


Visibilis is a modification for Minecraft which contains basic functionality for in-game visual coding. It comes with a base structure of nodes, data types and an UI and allows for easy expansion.
The mod itself does not contain any gameplay elements or additions. It is only effectively usable by extending it with gameplay elements and allowing the player to use the visual coding interface.


Quick Start
- Go ingame, get yourself a test item: /give @p visibilis:test
- Take it into your hands and type: /v edit
- Use the "Right Click Item" node to start an execution chain
- Code something, then right click the item to start it
- You can go to the screenshots tab (on this curseforge page) and copy something from there


Personally, I have tried several attempts of a modification which allows the player to create and customize spells while in-game. Even thought these have all worked (with the latest instance - Mundus Magicus - working very great in my opinion) I have never been happy with the design choices behind any of these.
The spells in these mods had to be created out of components put together in a specific structure. These structures of the various mods always allowed full customization and endless possibilities in their own ways, but also minor flaws in a way that would force you to sometimes put components in twice if you wanted to achieve a certain functionality.
So I realized that the problem I had was not the way I setup these spell structures, but rather a structure itself.


... Visual Coding?
So following up on the point above, I had several ideas of how to make a "no-structure" based spell mod. But all of these involved nodes and connections in one way or another. So I thought that I could also just make an entire visual coding functionality, as that would not be much more.
Additionally, while drafting some ideas, I took part in a "Nerd Memes" thread and someone said "make your own programming language for fun" as a meme which is kinda what I am doing (?).


Example Mod Ideas
Here are some basic mod ideas I have. I don't know if I am going make any of these (except for Magica Mundi) but these ideas are there so why not.


Magica Mundi - The magic things of this world (ON HOLD)
The sequel to Mundus Magicus: Visual coding to design, create and customize your own spells (In case you are wondering: Mundus Magicus - Magic world).
Also open source on GitHub: Magica Mundi.


VRobot - Programmable Mining and Building Robots

Programm your own machines. Kinda like the known Mining Turtles from Computer Craft. But in a more appealing visual programming language instead. Also open source on GitHub: VRobot.


Gamemodes - An idea
Add elements which can be interacted with in the visual coding interface, to allow the creation and customization of gamemodes. Eg. add some flags or bombs and allow the player to use these things in combination with the coding to create his own gamemodes, like: Search & Destroy (or CS:GO Competitive), Capture the Flag or Flag Conquest, etc..


Admin Tools - Another idea
Add basic elements which can be interacted with in the visual coding interface, to allow the creation and customization of administrative or world manipulation tools. This would be healing everyone in a certain area, restricting access of a part to certain players, quests or mining/reward areas, etc..


More ideas
Possibilities are endless. You will come up with something I am sure.