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Filename vanillafoodpantry-mc1.11.2-3.2b1.jar
Uploaded by The_Wabbit0101
Uploaded Jul 10, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 1.08 MB
Downloads 5,943
MD5 aed19a06917b8b02654337079432caf8
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions


mc1.11.2-3.2b1 (the beginning of the end for 1.11.2 releases...the march to 1.12 begins...)

  • FIX: Crash when last bottled item or stew/soup drank with AppleCore mod installed.
  • FIX: Wolf's Spirit potion no longer shows particles (which compromised the invisibility aspect of potion).
  • CHG: Crafting empty jars now requires colorless glass. This makes it so you can craft the new empty darkened jars (brown).
  • CHG: Crafting cheese now requires a Heavy Weight. This makes a better distinction for this recipe vs the yogurt recipe.
  • FIX: You can now use red flint to create flint and steel.
  • FIX: Added missing smelt experience for raw condensed milk.
  • ENH: You can now craft vinegar powder from wheat as an alternative to the apple-based recipe. Makes recipe usable for bulk production.
  • FIX: Forge id registry not done for any compatible mod foods if the 'recipe_use_enabled' config option is disabled.
  • FIX: Harvestcraft's cod-compatible fishes usable for recipes like battered fish nuggets, fish kebabs, and salted fish now. Turtle, Eel, Frog, and Octupus usable for adventure kebabs now.
  • FIX: RealWorld's corn tortillas now registered as a portion of bread so can be used with meal combos.
  • CHG: Removed 1.8.9 unused potion item registration (ignore the warning!)
  • ENH: Added several VFP non-food items to CookingForBlockheads crafting guide for better integration.
  • CHG: Updated to use own 'foodSimpleEgg' instead of 'egg' wherever need an exact-sized ingredient. For mod-integration will convert mod-specific eggs which can be smaller or bigger to the appropriate amount of egg via 'ingredientEgg'.
  • NEW: A new smaller portion of sugar (think 'pinches') added. One sugar (pile) gives 4 small portions like salt does.
  • CHG: A few recipes have changed to use a smaller portion of sugar including the core recipe for leavening agent.
  • FIX: Added smelting recipes for HCB's packed meat items. These are very fuel-efficient alternatives to smelting individual items using a standard furnace (like for our own bagged item smelting).
  • FIX: Prepped polar bear meat's recipe updated to use any 'ingredientVinegar' not just VFP's own powdered vinegar.
  • ENH: Added auto-packaging SmartHoppers recipes for empty cartons and carton panels based on 'paper' and 'slimeball' ingredients.
  • CHG: Iron-sword based 'Butcher Axe' must have at least Fortune I enchantment to count as a butchering axe equivalent.
  • FIX: You can re-craft a vanilla iron nugget from 4x bits o' iron.
  • CHG: Tweaked calamari and veggie nugget and nugget meal names so a bit less verbose.
  • CHG: A gelatin ball now uses a bit o' water instead of a bottle of water, making this recipe far less resource-intensive for large amounts.
  • NEW: Added config to disable loot table modifications.
  • NEW: Added cave stew, a slight variant to standard mushroom stew  that uses a piece of cooked bat meat. Food points like rabbit stew.
  • ENH: You can clean mushrooms for eating by right-clicking them on a water source block. Similarly you can pick up bits o' water with a bit measure by right-clicking it on a water source block.

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