Vanilla True Rubys

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Vanilla Rubys [1.14.4]


This mod adds the original ruby item from back in the day., before it got switched for the emerald.

It also adds stuff that's basic vanilla content for other ores, meaning that you can craft tools, armor and the ruby block with the same standard crafting recipes.

The tools are meant to be a set between iron and diamond, leaning towards diamond a bit more than to iron.

Since we have no real information about the ruby tools from back then, except that they were potentially planned, we chose our own values.

All Textures are kept true to the original look of Minecraft, meaning they perfectly fit the "Programmer Art"

Resource pack. They do fit the new look as well, they just look very slightly different then.

Support for automatically adjusting for those two packs is a potential feature in the future.



1. Download the latest 1.14 Forge version, preferably the installer

2. Follow the installer, run the newly created Forge 1.14 profile through the Minecraft Launcher

3. Go to your ".minecraft" folder and open the newly created folder "Mods"

4. Paste the downloaded VanillyRubys-x.x.jar into the folder and run the game

5. Enjoy the mod. Note that for Ore generation, you need to generate a new world!


You are free to use this mod in a modpack, but you might drop us a hint since we want fun playing too!

You want to help and create a custom lang file? Reach out to us!




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