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V0id's Smart Backpacks


V0id's Smart Backpacks

As you could guess by the name this mod adds backpacks. Yep, it's one of those. However this one is different from most other backpack mods out there. How exactly? Let me give you an overview of what this mod is capable of:


  • 4 tiers of backpacks, each next providing more item storage and more upgrade slots(more on that later).
  • Backpacks can be dyed into any color you want in the same way leather armor can be dyed.
  • Backpacks can be worn on the back by pressing a specific key(default Shift+B). This back slot is separate from your chestplate slot.
  • Worn backpacks are displayed as a model for everyone to see.
  • A unique upgrade system allows you to add new functionality to your backpacks that goes beyond simple mobile storage.

The upgrade system is pretty much the "selling point" of this mod so let me give tou a quick overview of how it works and what you can do with it:


  • Each backpack has a number of upgrade slots. A single upgrade can be inserted into one slot.
  • Each upgrade adds some unique functionality to the backpack.
  • The order of upgrade placement determines the order they will perform their function in. For example inserting a grinding, smelting and a sorting upgrades in this order will grind things first, smelt them next and lastly sort the contents.
  • If a backpack is nested the upgrades keep their functionality and execute at the position of the nesting upgrade.
  • Some upgrades operate each tick, others do on pulses. A pulse is a half of a second.
  • Upgrades are usually optimised in a way that prohibits them from querrying the entire backpack at once.
  • Usually you can't insert the same upgrade twice with a few exceptions.
  • If an upgrade says "can be filtered" it means that a filter can be inserted into the upgrade but it will function even without the filter(accept all). If it says "must be filtered" then the upgrade will not function without a filter(accepts none)
  • Filters have a bunch of parameters in them. Not only can they filter by item, they can also filter by Ore Dictionary, metadata and NBT data. They can also be nested for extended filtering.

So what can the upgrades do exactly then? Well to name a few examples they can

  • Pick up items into the backpack instead of your inventory.
  • Restock your hotbar with items from the backpack.
  • Void items. (either completely or leaving 1 stack)
  • Smelt items.
  • Grind items into dusts(doubles ore output)
  • Sort items.
  • Feed you.
  • Repair items with XP.
  • Deposit items into a chest.
  • Link with your Ender Storage network.
  • Fill buckets with water.
  • Generate FE.
  • Compress (3x3 or 2x2 craft) items inside of it.

And much more! Currently(1.0.4) the mod features 36 upgrades with each upgrade doing something specific. Try them out yourself!


New upgrade featured: The Crafting Upgrade!