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Filename VTweaks-1.18.2-
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Uploaded Aug 10, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +1
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V-Tweaks Changelog MC 1.18.x (HOTFIX)

  • Fixes crash on dedicated server for Ungriefed Creepers feature



  • Ungriefed Creepers: When any entity with tag #forge:creeper explodes, blocks exploded will ploop back into place after a short delay! Some small world griefing (such as snow or torches) may not place back, but they'll at least be dropped. Works fine with Tile Entities as well!


  • EntityCulling datapack set:
    • Allows you to disable entities by Entity Tag or Entity Name (i.e. #minecraft:raiders or minecraft:cat), filtering by dimensions and biomes (biometags included).
    • Uses datapack system to make your own rules. Datapack data is stored in data/vtweaks/culled_entities/<YOUR_FILE>.json
    • JSON schema looks like this: ```json5 { // REQUIRED: You can get this info by looking at the entity with F3 turned on, // or via third party tools like KubeJS

// You can use ! to negate the selection // (i.e. !minecraft:creeper would apply to any non-creeper entity), // but you cannot mix them (i.e. [!minecraft:creeper, #minecraft:skeletons] is invalid) "entities": [ "minecraft:creeper", "#minecraft:skeletons" ], // Optional - you don't have to define the dimension "dimensions": ["minecraft:overworld"], // Optional - you don't have to define the biomes either! You can make this a global cull :) "biomes": ["#minecraft:is_beach", "minecraft:desert"] } ```



  • New Torch Lighting Tweak! Any item that is tagged with the tag vtweaks:ignition_item can be right-clicked on any block that has a lit block state property. This includes campfires, candles, and many modded blocks!


  • With world height being completely modular via datapack, the Peaceful Surface Y-Level config no longer is bound to [0 - 256], but [MININT - MAXINT]
  • Some Config Names have been changed to be more consistent. These include:

    • cropTweaksEnabled -> enableCropTweaks
    • disablePetFriendlyFire -> enablePetFriendlyFireTweak
    • challengerMobsEnabled -> enableChallengerMobs
    • peacefulSurfaceEnabled -> enablePeacefulSurface


  • Egg Hatching tweak - this was a broken feature capable of causing excessive lag



  • Challenger Particles causing issues on Client/server