Welcome to Unearthed! A configurable stone type replacer mod to revamp your caves&cliffs - Is also a builder's best friend!


  • Generation configurable via datapacks! 
  • Biome-dependent stone types, 3-d stratum, natural blending, and more!
  • No more dirty hills! Regoliths make the world look much nicer!
  • New stone types with nice textures, and unique chiseled versions!
  • Discover new geologic regions!
  • (WIP) Correlate ores with stone types!


All stone types added by the mod can be obtained with recipes / renewable generation. You can disable replacement with the configs and enjoy using the stones in builds.


You can dig grassy regoliths with a hoe to turn it into dirt.

Or enable a config option to craft dirt from regolith.



More Ore Stones [Fabric/Forge] is used for vanilla ore variants. It is not a hard dependency, and can be removed if you change the andesite/diorite/granite stone type jsons.



Visit the Wiki : link



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