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Filename Tropicraft-8.0.0-alpha+39.jar
Uploaded by NotActuallyTerry
Uploaded Nov 17, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4   +2
Size 27.29 MB
Downloads 16,016
MD5 03e02c85a7073a95f104e0cdf08b3040
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


#39 (09-Sep-2020 07:57:10)
Fix eggs rendering a nameplate always (commit: ab002d2) — tterrag
Fix sea turtles hatching fully grown (commit: 5f4725b) — tterrag
Fix pineapple place/break (commit: e410a52) — tterrag


#38 (06-Sep-2020 21:12:10)
Fix monkey crash, turtle mountin (commit: 05f950f) — tterrag
Fix monkey crash (commit: 81c1c3c) — tterrag
Make tropics turtles spawn tropics turtles when bred (commit: ebc22f4) — tterrag
Update mappings to stable for 1.14.3 (commit: 6dbf5ca) — tterrag
Add missing names (commit: 00ebcdc) — tterrag
Fix things (commit: 364ee69) — tterrag
Add spawn registrations for tropimobs (commit: 84cf9da) — tterrag
Fix entity spawning + add entity spawning in tropics. iz a hack but it (commit: d43515f) — tterrag
Remove client-only annotation in ScubaData, prevents crash (commit: 0e9881b) — tterrag
Fix tiki torch placement destroying blocks and dropping in creative (commit: ffb3e5e) — tterrag
New ashen mask names (commit: 6bb33d6) — tterrag
Fix air compressor tooltip (commit: 2a8d03c) — tterrag
Run datagen, new ashen mask models/localizations (commit: 2725178) — tterrag
Fix multiple monkeys drinking same drink (commit: 6b463e9) — tterrag
Monkeys will get angry about not getting alcohol. (commit: 974c191) — tterrag
Allow fruit tree leaves to decay naturally (commit: 0182975) — tterrag
Make coconuts break if they lose their support block (commit: 726968e) — tterrag
Fix sand underwater not having the underwater state set (commit: 1f39505) — tterrag
add spawn eggs (commit: 9dc9eaf) — tterrag
Bring back fixed eagle ray wing transforms (commit: d64fc4c) — tterrag


#37 (30-May-2020 23:57:10)
Fix skirt texture rendering on tropiskelly's head (commit: 7099795) — tterrag


#36 (25-May-2020 05:12:06)
Fix tropiskellies using their spear inappropriately (commit: 740d98f) — tterrag


#35 (18-May-2020 04:42:09)
Fix server launch (commit: 3ae4396) — tterrag


#34 (18-May-2020 04:12:09)
Fix holes in bottom of home tree, extend bottom of home tree to ground (commit: 88a0d9c) — tterrag
Fix underbrush generating inside home trees (commit: ad42d49) — tterrag


#33 (17-May-2020 23:57:09)
Clean up and fix exploding coconut (commit: ee2355b) — tterrag
Fix village structure types possibly not getting initialized (commit: 62785ef) — tterrag
Fix tropicreeper rendering (commit: 09d399b) — tterrag


#32 (17-May-2020 20:27:08)
Fix home tree leaves getting cut off (commit: 53dd71a) — tterrag
Fix home tree generating on water or steep cliffs (commit: d0c97d2) — tterrag


#31 (17-May-2020 08:57:07)
Bump rolls in home tree loot to 3 (commit: c900ee8) — tterrag
Fix home tree branch rotation being offset sometimes (commit: 852c1bb) — tterrag
Fix jigsaw/pieces not having serializers, fixes home tree top placement (commit: 75dd5a9) — tterrag
Fix home tree vine placement, make rainforest vine feature configurable (commit: 671a69a) — tterrag


#30 (16-May-2020 22:57:06)
Fix unpredictable order of ashen masks tag contents (commit: 5b98077) — tterrag
Clean up drink mixer code, fix crash and invalid recipes (commit: 0275e6f) — tterrag


#29 (16-May-2020 22:12:06)
Fix tropicraft swords not being tagged (and so not dropping chunks) (commit: 2f1a2ea) — tterrag


#28 (16-May-2020 06:12:09)
Re-implement scuba gear for 1.14 (#361) (commit: 5ccf648)

#27 (16-May-2020 04:57:09)
Port Home Trees to 1.14 (#362) (commit: fbcdffa)

#26 (10-May-2020 05:12:07)
Some cleanup + add bongos as block tag (commit: 4488cdd) — Cojomax99
Add missing ashen masks tag (commit: 1fd30e4) — tterrag


#25 (08-Feb-2020 22:57:10)
Add hammerheads and cove gen (commit: 90f045f) — Cojomax99


#24 (12-Jan-2020 02:27:10)
Add coconut bombs that don't explode for some reason (commit: 803acd3) — Cojomax99


#23 (12-Jan-2020 01:42:08)
Add water wand (commit: 321ee55) — Cojomax99


#22 (12-Jan-2020 01:27:08)
Add fire and scale armor. Not complete, need fire resistance still (commit: 0c5e72f) — Cojomax99


#21 (12-Jan-2020 00:27:07)
Add nigel stache, armor images to repo (commit: 7c83d49) — Cojomax99


#20 (11-Jan-2020 23:57:08)
Add tools and zirconium (commit: df5eaa4) — Cojomax99


#19 (11-Jan-2020 23:12:06)
Add base for ashen, dagger (commit: 68926e5) — Cojomax99
Get ashen to pick up their masks and shoot players (commit: 9d9abe5) — Cojomax99
Fix mask renderer (commit: cfc96c5) — Cojomax99


#18 (08-Jan-2020 21:12:08)
Add tropi spider (commit: 89a9e70) — Cojomax99


#17 (08-Jan-2020 20:12:10)
Add eagle ray, fix missing textures for fish buckets (commit: 7cee94a) — Cojomax99


#16 (08-Jan-2020 18:57:06)
Tropical fish (commit: 39e24b9) — Cojomax99


#15 (03-Jan-2020 13:27:11)
Add the star of the show - starfish (commit: 2aeb181) — Cojomax99
Add monkey, fix crash with starfish (commit: 5988375) — Cojomax99
Add v monkey spawn egg and some missing lang entries (commit: 2428cb0) — Cojomax99
Add piranha and sardine eggs, mobs, etc (commit: 71e0e12) — Cojomax99


#14 (26-Nov-2019 22:12:10)
Rename renderers and model files to the new naming system (commit: f3263aa) — Cojomax99
Add boilerplate sea urchins (commit: abf8678) — Cojomax99


#13 (24-Nov-2019 09:27:08)
Add biome lang entries (commit: 7d3b755) — tterrag


#12 (20-Nov-2019 23:27:10)
Add tree frogs (commit: a299c3e) — Cojomax99


#11 (12-Nov-2019 02:27:08)
Hopefully fix furniture poltergeist (commit: 4eee0c9) — tterrag


#10 (11-Nov-2019 06:27:09)
Make sea turtles default to mature, make sure children inherit type (commit: dc7eed8) — tterrag
Randomize turtle type if type is not found in NBT (commit: b86ad7e) — tterrag
Add easter egg turtle flags, and particles while riding turtles (commit: 0ed030a) — tterrag
Fix turtles building up fall distance while being ridden (commit: d0d49a0) — tterrag


#9 (10-Nov-2019 19:27:09)
Fix issue with datagen when project is within a file path with spaces (commit: ad55507) — tterrag


#8 (10-Nov-2019 04:27:09)
Add lang keys for entities (commit: 2153365) — tterrag
Tweak turtle hitbox (commit: d145c1b) — tterrag


#6 (07-Nov-2019 23:27:08)
Rotate rider pitch with turtle (commit: 285a2fb) — tterrag
Clean up player rotation a little bit (commit: e2148c5) — tterrag
Further improve turtle driving: (commit: a16c0dd) — tterrag
Move code rotating the player for various purposes to a central location (commit: 26fa425) — tterrag


#5 (07-Nov-2019 21:27:07)
Tune and balance turtle driving (commit: 6e3e08b) — tterrag


#4 (07-Nov-2019 20:27:10)
Clean up sea turtle model and chill out their flappy arms (commit: 4710d35) — tterrag
Improve animation of sea turtle (commit: bd6d256) — tterrag
Fix turtles having a broken leg (commit: 134db8c) — tterrag


#3 (07-Nov-2019 18:27:09)
Fix turtles being OMEGAFAST, add clamping to setTurtleType (commit: 39edc6b) — tterrag


#2 (07-Nov-2019 17:27:08)
Add pineapples to overworld jungles (commit: dd25a5c) — tterrag
Add tropics flowers to river and beach biomes (commit: 493ae8d) — tterrag
Add tropical fertilizer (commit: 9e5ba2b) — tterrag