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Uploaded Oct 29, 2022
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It's been a while since we last posted an update. Sorry about that. Here are the latest changes in this update:

- paired the pack with Tectonic ( Now, T&T structures will spawn in the new biomes added by the mod (Apollo did all the work, with some minor tweaks by us. Thanks, Apollo!);
- paired the pack with Traverse ( Now, T&T structures will also spawn in biomes added by this mod;
- paired the pack with Terrestria ( Now, T&T structures will also spawn in biomes added by this mod;
- paired the pack with JermsyBoy's World Overhaul ( Now, T&T structures will also spawn in biomes added by this mod;
- re-arranged the folder/file structure a bit (shouldn't cause any log errors or crashes);
- made some small changes to some processors for some village streets;
- lots of bug fixes across all structures, mostly related to broken jigsaws which spammed the logs. Other small changes include:
  * fixing structure pieces that had profession blocks in places where villagers couldn't reach them;
  * modifying a few structure pieces so they would be more consistent with the rest;
  * adding unused structures into the template pools (ex: the small farm for the polish village, which would never spawn)
- tweaked the rustic outpost a bit so the scaffolding under the beehives would not break upon worldgen;
- fixed bug where villager fleet would overcrowd the oceans (hopefully);
- removed the 3 unique villagers from the sparse jungle, beach, and Mediterranean villages respectively. They will be added in a later update with nerfed trades, as they were a bit OP;
- removed conduit from pillager galleon secret chest, and instead replaced it with 3 nautilus shells;
- removed the improved vanilla pillager outpost for better mod compatibility and to keep in line with the idea of only adding new structures instead of replacing existing ones. The vanilla pillager outpost will now only spawn in plains biomes;
- mushroom outpost no longer spawns pillagers over time (this was made as a balance change, as hostile mobs couldn't spawn in the mushroom fields biome, which theoretically meant you could make an OP pillager farm);
- reduced the frequency of villages and outposts quite a bit;
- massively reduced pillager spawn rate. Now it's just slightly faster than vanilla. (Vanilla: max-1 / min-1 --- T&T: max-2 / min-1);
- added the Iberian village, a Mediterranean / Spanish structure found in warmer biomes;
- added the Iberian outpost, an old Spanish fortress now occupied by pillagers;
- added a rare variant of the pillager galleon, with a Cthulu face instead of the illager face embedded on the main sail as an homage to William Wythers, the original creator of the structure;

NOTE: We have also updated the 1.18.2 version to be on par with the 1.9 update of T&T, changing a few blocks and a few other things here and there.
For a full list of changes between versions, check out the patch notes for versions 1.7, 1.8 (+ 1.8.1 + 1.8.2), and 1.9.

  Do note that while upgrading from version 1.6 to version 1.9 is possible, doing so may cause a few errors to occur, and CAN POTENTIALLY CORRUPT YOUR WORLD, so we strongly recommend making a new world with the latest version for 1.18.2. At the very least, backup your world before upgrading.