This mod adds a set of commands that facilitate the creation of islands in a skyblock world generated by Topography in 1.16.5.

 The Commands:

  • /topoislands new PLAYER_NAME - This command generates a new island and assigns the named player to it. This command can be executed by server ops or command blocks. If used with a command block, topoislands new @p is all you need.
  • /topoislands assign PLAYER_NAME ISLAND_ID - This command allows ops to assign players to specific island IDs. Useful when setting up a low population server.
  • /topoislands invite PLAYER_NAME - This command allows the player executing the command to invite the named player to their island. If the named player accepts the invite (by clicking the link in chat or running (/topoislands accept) then that player is assigned to that island and teleported there.
  • /topoislands home - teleports a player to their home islands. This command only works in the Overworld.
  • /topoislands spawn - teleports a player to the spawn island or (if desired) the world spawn based on server configuration. This command only works in the Overworld.
  • /topoislands info - gives coordinates and island id of the player's currently assigned island.

Important notes:

Islands are generated in a spiral pattern and are separted by 1000 blocks (configurable) from their nearest neighbours.

This mod is only compatible with worlds generated by Topography. It is not a standalone worldgen mod.

This mod can be used on the server side only, no modification to clients is necessary.