Tooltip Pinner is a small mod that someone suggested on Reddit!


The original ask was just to be able to pin an open tooltip, so you could view multiple at a time. I've expanded that slightly, allowing you to move them around and persist them across different UIs, letting you use them as a sort of checklist/reminder. Great when you constantly forget what you're doing (like me)


Gif displaying features



- Pin any item's tooltip, keeping it open after you're no longer hovering over the item

- Freely move the tooltip around

- Tooltips persist through closing and re-opening any GUI (but not exiting the game!) 

- Grab with both mouse and keybinds!

- Client only! Servers shouldn't need the mod installed.


Made in a few hours but should function fine - there's a couple of minor caveats though:

- Resizing your Minecraft window with pinned tooltips might be weird

- Dragging a tooltip across your entire screen can flip the direction and move it slightly

- Trying to click-drag a tooltip that's over an inventory item will pick up the item too. Use the keybind instead for these cases! 

- Currently only works with tooltips from items. Let me know if there's demand for other types of tooltip!

- The tooltips might appear on unexpected screens. Let me know if there's any problematic ones!