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Filename TimeTravelMod-1.14.4-
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Uploaded Aug 13, 2019
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Happy birthday! This is an special update, the first Time Travel Mod version was released 1 year ago! This update has been worked hardly to bring a bunch of new, exciting and useful features. Hope you enjoy it!

Warning: World generation has changed in the Old West dimension. If you load an old world biomes will mess up and probably you will get rough chunk edges. Starting a new world or reseting the Old West dimension is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Warning: Forge dimension subsystems are a bit broken by the moment (remember this is Forge Beta) and clients don't work properly when connected to a server, so multiplayer isn't working by the moment. I'm trying to solve it, but it will require a change on Forge's codebase, so this will take some time. New features regarding servers or multiplayer are implemented in the mod anyways, so when Forge will fix this, you possibly won't need to update the mod.

New features

  • Old West revamped: Tired of the Old West being an infinite boring desert? Well, this is your update! Now the worldgen takes an approach similar to the overworld one. Oceans, rivers and the mesa now can be found on the Old West. Now gold generates in the Old West as in the mesa, so prepare to become rich! You will be also able to find mineshafts at ground level.

  • Time Machine recalling: You were playing with a friend and had to build two Time Machines to both be able to visit other Time Lines? That's not longer this way! The first Time Machine upgrade was added to the mod, and it enables you to recall the Time Machine and let it travel in time with no one inside. Read the Time Machine Engineer's Book for more information on how to build and use this awesome feature.

  • Detailed error messages when using a Time Machine: Wonder why your Time Machine isn't working? Now you will see a brief message specifying what exactly didn't work. I hope this makes using the mod a little bit easier.

  • Cheater reports: Now when a Time Machine check fails in the server, the op's will be notfied of the failed check and will be suggested to ban the player, as often these failed checks mean the player is cheating. These cheater reports can be disabled in the mod config.

  • Gunpowder visuals rework: The placeable gunpowder now has nicer colors and some sound and particle effects when lit up.

  • Time machine textures recolorized: It is hard to notice, but now the textures are a little bit more bright and colorful.

    • New block: Time machine recaller

    • New block: Time machine tracker

    • New item: Communications circuit

Solved bugs

  • You will no loger hear the nether portal sound when using a Time Machine.

  • Time Machines no longer work from the nether, the end, or any other dimension added by another mod.

  • The placing of the player when using the Creative Time Machine has been reviewed and now it should never take you down to Y=0 or spawn you in a cave.

  • Now the server checks if the Time Machine was cooled down. Before it was only cheked on the client, making it easier to cheat.

  • Placeable gunpowder now is correctly colored.

  • Placeable gunpowder now drops itself when broken if not lit up.

  • Fix datapack description file (pack.mcmeta). No more log errors regarding it.

  • Using a Time Machine with no TM Core or from the wrong side no longer breaks the checks, allowing the player to use the Time Machine.

  • Updated to Forge 1.14.4-28.0.45. Modpacks can now update without dealing with the breaking changes on Forge.

Translation state

With the addition of the Engineer Book, huge text strings were added to the mod and these are untranslated. I really need your help with this because I can't do all those translations on my own.

English: 100%

Spanish: 100%

Catalan: 100%

German: 22% (Thanks to Stal111 and ImMine_)

Chinese: 22% (Thanks to staryG)

Italian: 11% (Thanks to whoever done it, he/she disappeared)

French: 30% (Thanks to Shizurok)

Missing translations will fallback to English. If you want to help out translating the mod just go to Crowdin and collaborate in the project. If your language is not in the list contact me so I can add it.

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