5,790 Downloads Last Updated: May 15, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.2

Tired of punching trees to death? Sick of mining trees block by block? Annoyed with typical mods like TreeCapitator or Timber that are incompatible with other mods because they modify base files? Well this is the mod for you!

Timber+ adds 5 new axes, called Lumber Axes, that will take down trees like nobody's business. Once crafted, they are exactly the same as vanilla axes... Or are they?

Try chopping down a tree with your new lumber axe, and watch the magic! The entire tree, every last log of it, falls to the ground as items. On top of that, the algorithm by default only goes up and out, so if you want a more realistic experience you can easily leave behind a stump. Even better, if you hold your sneak button, it will chop up the tree using the normal vanilla system.

On top of that, this mod will work with any properly made mod trees! How cool is that? It has been tested with the following mods, and is likely to work with others:

- Thaumcraft
- Witchery
- Natura
- Biomes O' Plenty


(Note: This mod is long since beyond development. I am mainly uploading it here for two reasons: for one, I am changing websites and don't want the old files cluttering my site up, and for two, someone might actually use it here. Please do not submit feature requests, bug reports, etc., as they will not be responded to.)