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It allows teleporting to various warps, This mod does NOT need to be installed client-side.


This mod can now be installed purely serverside, purely clientside, or for the best experience installed on both.


Warps can now show in game via waypoints. img.png


Key Name Description
B Create Warp This will open a quick create UI
U Open Warps Menu This will open a warp list UI


Warp Menu

This is a menu to show a list of all of your warps, remove, edit and teleport to them. warp menu

Edit/Create Warp Screen

This is the menu that will allow you to create and edit your warps create warp



  • /warp set <name> - creates a warp
  • /warp list - lists all warps created
  • /warp back - when you teleport using warp a "warp back" is automatically created.
  • /warp random [<max>] [<min>] - randomly teleports the player using the max and min. by default max is 500 and min is 25 blocks away.
  • /warp rename <old> <new> [<overwrite>] - renames the old warp name to new warp name, if new warp exists overwrite will overwrite it.
  • /warp <name> - Teleports you to that warp point.
  • /warp spawn - Teleports you to spawn
  • /warp remove <name> - removes warp


  1. Can I use this in a modpack
    • Yes, you are more than welcome to add this to your modpack.
  2. If I have an error where is the best place to vocalize.
    • Posting in the Issues section would be the easiest way for me to notice, but I do read and reply to all comments.