The Rings of Power Mod is a simple mod that adds the rings of power from The Lord of the Rings to Minecraft.

New content

The entire content of the mod is a separate creative tab with twenty magic rings. Each ring has two modes: passive and active.

Passive mode, or the will of the ring, is imposed on the player when the ring is in his inventory. It is impossible to get rid of the passive effect until the ring is discarded from the inventory. Some effects disappear immediately, others last up to ten seconds.

Active mode, or player will, is applied to the player when the player right-clicks on the ring. The ringbearer then receives the active effect for three minutes.

Passive Effects

  • The One Ring: Invisibility;
  • Narya: Fire Resistance;
  • Nenya: Underwater Breathing;
  • Vilya: Jump, Speed;
  • Dwarven Rings: Dig Speed, Resistance;
  • Men Rings: Strength, Night Vision;

Active Effects

All rings have the same active effects: Health Boost and Regeneration.


  • In Minecraft 1.3.2 - 1.5.2 all rings have no Health Boost active effect.


  • Hummel009 (idea, code, textures, translations);
  • Kenddie (textures);
  • 彼梦Archi_DreamZ (translations).