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The Plopper is a block that will pick up any items in its general vicinity that are about to despawn. It will do so at a set range, which is 2 by default, but can be changed by adding upgrades. Each upgrade will add 2 blocks to the range, with a maximum of 16 blocks in total (7 upgrades). The range affects all directions (north, south, east, west, up, and down) and is cubical. Here's an image showing a cross-section of the plopper's range (white is default, black is fully upgraded):


You can access the picked up items by rightclicking the block, or piping items out of the bottom. But do note, that you can only pull items out of the plopper, and not put any into it. It's not supposed to be a storage solution :)



Here is a video showing off the block. The birch planks represent the area in which the plopper in the video can pick up the items (note that the items dropped outside of the range don't disappear with smoke particles).


As you can see, the block comes with a sound and particles. Both can be turned off via the configuration file.

Like previously mentioned, the plopper works with pipes (in this example, Itemducts from Thermal Expansion)! By default, you can only extract from the bottom of the block, but that's toggleable as well. (The lever is not required for the plopper)



The Plopper is crafted like shown (shapeless):

The Range Upgrade is crafted like shown (shapeless):



bypassOutputSide - If set to true, the plopper will output items to e.g. pipes at all sides instead of just the bottom (Default: false)

displayParticles - Whether particles should show up every time the plopper picks up an item (Default: true)

playSound - Whether a sound should be played when an item gets picked up by the plopper (Default: true)


You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack.


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