The Dalek Mod

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Filename thedalekmod-63.jar
Uploaded by SWDTeam
Uploaded Mar 28, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 49860bb0a9e79eba37b859dc071a0785
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- Gallifrey Drylands with structures
- TARDIS Coral sprouts out of the surface of Gallifrey, sometimes in dense clusters
- Four alien spaceships on Trenzalore now have mob spawners in them + roundel loot
- Pyramid dungeons on Vortis
- Slitheen and Mechanoids spawn in Varos Jungle
- Varos Trees are now made out of Newbery Wood
- Moon Rock can now be used as resource for TARDIS blocks
- Two variants of underground Mars Dungeons (credits to Olly)
- Two Dalek Ships generate on Skaro now and act as dungeons (credits to Curious)
- Kaled Domes in the Skaro desert also act as dungeon with new Kaled mob spawners
- Dalek mob spawners in the Dalek City

- Fixed the underground blocks for Varos & Vortis
- Dirt generates on Gallifrey now as intended, ores no longer exposed
- Increased the chance of Dalek City generation on Skaro by at least 2x
- Increased the amount of Dalek Asylums underground
- Decreased the commonness of Cyberman ships on the moon.
- Slightly different position for Gallifrey Shack (see Wikia) with minor loot changes
- Some planets generate smoother due to cascading chunk lag fix caused by plants

- Stone SWD statue
- 4 generic sci-fi control panels
- Weanskrike (the blue cacti, can drop Thana sometimes)
- Vortis brick stairs
- 8 new concrete roundels (credits to Kenji)
- 7 new terracotta roundels
- 6 brick roundels (Stone, Gallifrey & Vortis)
- 2 prismarine roundels
- 3 displays: Zeiton mini-TARDIS, Steel mini-Cyberman & Metalert Lonsdaleite Pickaxe (credits to Kenji)

- The Untempered Schism gives regenerations again! However, only to players who already have regenerations, as to not give an unfair advantage on multiplayer.
- Several modelled blocks replaced by Kenji to fit the Minecraft style, such as the Toyota Rotors and Coral chair.

- A buttload. Seriously. Mostly focussed on Dalek City Blocks & TARDIS blocks, such as roundels, Toyota, Coral & Newbery.
- Fixed Totters Lane Gate recipe
- Gear recipe now yields more gears

- Several new advancements to help new players and show Dalek Mod end goals

- Daleks lasers are stronger (increases with difficult)
- Dalek health boost, varying on which type of Dalek.
- 'Regular' Daleks spawn more common, removed the increased spawn chance of SWD and suicide Daleks.
- Increased Dalek drops to compensate for their increased difficulty
- Toclafane don't spawn in the overworld anymore cuz I don't like them and I never see them fly
- SWDs and Larvae guns don't spam lasers anymore
- All SWDs now drop a stone SWD statue upon death
- Dalek Hoverbouts spawn in the overworld (in case they get fixed at least)
- Removed Herobrine