Thaumic Revelations

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Thaumic Revelations

Thaumic Revelations is a spiritual successor of Thaumic Warden by MasterAbdoTGM50.
This add-on for Thaumcraft (currently only available for Thaumcraft 4) was created by MasterAbdoTGM50, then maintained by Mortvana, but due to his lack of time and interest I'm now developing this mod.

This mod will add (in a REALLY distant future)

  • Wardenic armour and weapons
  • Crimson Corruption (Crimson Cult's biome), Crimson-Cult-related lore, materials, weapons and armour
  • Voided Lands (Eldritch biome) and mid-game Eldritch stuff
  • possibility to become the Eldritch Warden (that "%s the %s" boss from The Outer Lands), Thaumic Warden (literally the opposite of the Eldritch Warden) and the Crimson Patriarch (leader of the Crimson Cult)

In the subsequent updates, I'm going to completely make Wand Focus: Purification finally working and add a special behaviour to the Warden's Amulet (after receiving 50 attacks, you'll be able to 'overcharge' The Bow, The Armour and The Sword for more lulz effects)

To-do list

  • Ring of Love and Warden's Amulet with new fancy abilities! - Ring of Love is done!
  • Rework of The Armour and The Sword - FINALLY DONE! - Uhm, actually no, but shhhh
  • Make the Crimson Top Hat's model working
  • Slightly change behavior of The Armour, The Sword and The Bow (as I want to add 'overcharging' behavior to Amulet, everything will be slightly nerfed, especially Perditio Upgrade)
  • New wands and staffs

Links related to the Thaumic Revelations

Important information: The only site which is permitted to oficially redistribute single binary files is CurseForge. Do NOT download this mod from other pages, unless it's a part of a modpack!


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