Originaly this mod was supposed to add some Items form Thaumcraft 3 back in, but now it's more or less a collection of things that haven't got ported to 1.12, and some of my personal ideas and of course Thaumcraft 3, so have fun with it.


This Mod offers right now:

  • A Crystal Infuser, based on Essentia crystals (obviously)
  • Different kinds of Infused Thaumium
  • WitherProof Blocks 
  • A Block that is toggleable from solid to permeable
  • A Wand, that can be charged with aura (Works like Salis Mundus and has a few extra recipes)
  • Crystals, which grant Potion Effects
  • 8 new types of golems (Tallow, Silverwood, Infused Thaumium)
  • A Ring that protects one from wither Effect
  • Tinkers Construct Support
  • JEI Support


The Wand was cut since I made a new mod that adds Wands from TC 4 and overhauls the whole arcane crafting system. Check it out here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/thaumic-wands


This mod has crafttweaker support:

import mods.thaumicrestoration.CrystalInfusion;

// String Research, IItemStack output, String Aspect, IItemStack input




Feel free to use this in you modpack!